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    4 Inch Nursery Plant Labels

    4 Inch waterproof nursery plant labels for sale, easy to write the name of the plant, plant tags can be inserted into the soil or hung on branches, 6 colors for your choice, bright colors, easy to find plants.
    SKU: T-PL-17
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    Waterproof garden labels for sale, it is used to identify the names of plants and vegetables, and to mark the growth status of plants, manage the plants well, nursery plant labels have a good waterproof effect.


    Model T-PL-17
    Size 4 Inch
    Color Blue, green, pink, white, yellow, red
    Weight 0.2g
    Material High quality PVC


    Waterproof garden labels

    Tips: How to DIY plant labels with clay?

    1. Prepare materials and tools: oven-baked clay, craft dyes, rulers, superfine markers, brushes, clay cutters, and cutting mats.

    2. Knead the sticky dough to make it soft, then place it on the mat, and use a rolling pin to flatten the clay to your favorite thickness.

    3. Plan the length and width of the label, and use a ruler to measure and draw the line, then use a clay cutter to cut out the rectangle of the label, and then cut out a small angle at the top of the label. The next step is to remove the cut clay from the slab and bake it in the oven according to the instructions of the clay.

    4. After the clay is baked, wait for it to cool completely, and then start to color. If you want to make the color of the label fuller, just use a brush to dip the paint and paint directly; if you want some special effects, you can first moisten the paint brush in water when you paint, so that you can create a kind of the uniform stripe effect makes the label look fresh and natural.

    5. After the labels are all dry, use an ultra-fine marker to write the corresponding plant name on each label.

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    Piando | 1/11/2023 1:10 AM
    The perfect label for the greenhouse
    I have a few greenhouses where I grow exotic plants for sale, I cut the labels in half and write on them with a marker. These nursery plant labels work very well. These are a must for the gardener's toolbox as we need to label things with high value.
    Joyce | 7/20/2021 7:28 AM
    Nice size plant labels
    These plant labels are really nice. These are made of high quality PVC and are waterproof. I’ve had these labels in the yard all spring and they are still perfect. I highly recommend these labels to anyone who gardens or has houseplants.