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    20 Gallon/50 Gallon/100 Gallon Grow Bag

    Grow bag for vegetables and plants, choose from 1 gallon, 3 gallon, 15 gallon, 50 gallon to 100 gallon fabric pots, wholesale price, you can grow tomatoes, potatoes and flowers indoors and outdoors.
    SKU: T-GB-005
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    Portable grow bag for sale, provides a good growing environment for plants, suitable for growing various vegetables and fruits.


    Model T-GB-005
    Product Name Grow bag
    Applicable Plants Planting flowers, vegetables, trees and herbs
    Material Non-woven
    Color Black


    Size Diameter Height Weight
    1 Gallon 7.08 inch 5.9 inch 45g
    2 Gallon 8.66 inch 7.87 inch 70g
    3 Gallon 9.84 inch 9.05 inch 80g
    5 Gallon 12.2 inch 9.84 inch 115g
    7 Gallon 13.77 inch 11.81 inch 150g
    10 Gallon 15.74 inch 11.81 inch 185g
    15 Gallon 19.68 inch 11.81 inch 235g
    20 Gallon 19.68 inch 15.74 inch 290g
    25 Gallon 21.63 inch 15.74 inch 320g
    30 Gallon 23.62 inch 15.74 inch 350g
    40 Gallon 27.55 inch 15.74 inch 430g
    45 Gallon 29.53 inch 15.74 inch 470g
    50 Gallon 30.31 inch 16.53 inch 490g
    65 Gallon 31.49 inch 19.68 inch 540g
    75 Gallon 33.46 inch 19.68 inch 625g
    100 Gallon 39.37 inch 19.68 inch 750g

    Tips: Advantages of plant growth bags

    1. Plant roots can't grow around. Because the reinforced polypropylene tube wall can penetrate part of the root system, it limits the length of the root system to thicken, so that the fibrous roots can grow well without accumulation, which is the same as field planting.

    2. Simple and fast transplantation.The plant growth bag prevents the roots of the plant from growing downwards. By reinforcing the polypropylene material, it is necessary to replant the root cutting. Only a few horizontal roots need to be transplanted with simple tools. Because more than 80% of the roots are planted in bags, the roots of the plants will not be damaged, so they can be transplanted basically all year round.

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    Raunak | 10/19/2020 3:05 AM
    Grow bag that can be used for a long time
    Last spring, I planted blueberry plants in these growing bags and they grew very well. I put the 20-gallon long bag on the milk box to prevent the bottom from rot, and it can support the bottom of the long bag well, and can be used for a long time.