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    Leveling Ash Floor Paving Tile Tool, Dual Handle

    Buy best leveling ash floor paving tile tool in bulk online, it is cheap, with adjustable high-quality butterfly nut to adjust depth, convenient for different depth of tile construction. Dual comfortable handle, ergonomic, suitable for long hours of work.
    SKU: T-PTT-3139
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    High quality tile instruction tool for sale, maximum operation length available in 31”/ 39”. Built-in level, scientific sawtooth gap, neat and symmetrical. Double handle. Made of stainless steel.


    Model T-PTT-31 T-PTT-39
    Material Stainless steel Stainless steel
    Operation length (50-80)cm/(20-31)" (60-100)cm/(24-39)"
    Weight 1.2kg 1.6kg
    handle Dual handle Dual handle

    Dual handle leveling ash floor paving tile tool

    Tips: Features of leveling ash floor paving tile tool

    The operation of the leveling ash floor paving tile tool is simple, and it is very practical both in life and in production. The function of leveling ash floor paving tile tool is to smooth the sand and adjust the thickness of the ash when laying the floor, so that the tiles are parallel to the ground without tilting. Using a leveling ash floor paving tile tool to lay tiles can clearly see the flatness of the floor tiles, accurately find the horizontal position, and greatly improve the efficiency of tile laying.

    The use of paving tile tool is effective and can effectively ensure that the workers lay the floor tiles beautifully and neatly. At the same time, this equipment is very economical in price, cost-effective, suitable for contemporary consumption concepts, and is a very reliable tool in construction engineering.

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    Berte | 1/25/2022 8:24 AM
    Tile leveling ash floor paving tile tool improves work efficiency
    The leveling ash floor paving tile tool I purchased from arrived, and it took me two days to evaluate it. It is much more convenient and faster than the previous tool.