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    Leveling Ash Floor Paving Tile Tool, 24"/31"

    Low price leveling ash floor paving tile tool, includes 24" and 31". The tile construction tool has a built-in level, easy to use and levels accurately, equipped with adjustable screws to adjust the length of sawtooth, suitable for floor tiles of different sizes.
    SKU: T-PTT-2431
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    24 inch / 31 inch selectable leveling ash floor paving tile tool, made of durable stainless steel. Easy to operate, save time and effort. Used for tile construction marble floor decoration, smoothing mortar.


    Model T-PTT-24 T-PTT-31
    Material Stainless steel Stainless steel
    Sawtooth length 600mm/24" 800mm/31"
    Total length 99cm 115cm
    Weight 1.34kg 1.52kg



    24" leveling ash floor paving tile tool31" leveling ash floor paving tile tool

    Tips: How to lay tiles with leveling ash floor paving tile tool?

    1. Clean the surrounding ground where tiles need to be laid to ensure that there is no residual dust and other pollutants on the ground, and then use a leveling ash floor paving tile tool to do the leveling work to ensure that the ground is parallel to the tiles.
    2. Afterwards, apply waterproof coating to the base floor. This step is very important when laying bathroom tiles, because the bathroom is always in a damp state, and laying without waterproof coating will shorten the service life of the tiles.
    3. Next, proceed to the formal laying. The laying of wall tiles adopts the bottom-up pasting method, and the laying of floor tiles adopts the laying sequence from inside to outside.
    4. Finally, fill and clean the cracks on the brick surface.
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