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    1 Gallon Plant Watering Can

    Cute plant watering can for sale, 1 gallon watering pot for plant and flower watering, optional 3 colors, even water distribution, thick pot design, stable and durable. The shower head can be easily removed.
    SKU: T-WC-6001
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    High quality 1 gallon watering pot is used for watering plants flowers and trees, 2 handle design, sprinkler head can be disassembled and assembled.


    • Thickening watering can, no deformation, resistance to falling and fading.
    • 1 gallon water storage.
    • The sprinkling water is evenly distributed and the area is large.
    • The sprinkler head is removable.


    Model T-WC-6001
    Dimension 7.28 Inch * 9.45 Inch
    Material PP
    Color Beige+Brown, Green+Beige, Green+Brown
    Capacity 1 Gallon (4.0L)
    Weight 430g

    Plant watering can dimension

     Watering can nozzle
    Tips: How to save over-watered plants?

    When the plants are over-watered and water accumulates in the pot, the branches and leaves will show signs of wilting. At this time, we need to remove the plants with soil out of the pot and place them in a cool and ventilated place to distribute the root soil moisture. After 3-5 days, resume growth, and then plant the pot.

    In case of continuous rainy weather, potted plants outdoors can be turned upside down to avoid accumulation of water. After a long period of rain, the weather will clear. Due to strong sunlight, plants will be damaged due to root growth and excessive transpiration of branches and leaves, which will cause severe water loss and death. Pay attention to strict water control, move potted plants, and shade and recover.

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    Kwabena | 10/20/2020 6:49 AM
    Beautiful plant watering can
    I have bought watering cans from many merchants and think’s watering cans are the best. Not only the design is beautiful, but it also won't be excessively bent. It is small in size and can be placed in a small space on the shelf without taking up my living space.