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    Plastic Cantilever Tool Box with Tray

    Best price cantilever tool boxes for sale. 2-layer or 3-layer foldable toolbox with tray for large storage space, top lid organizers for small parts storage, strong plastic material, resist water and wear, light and portable, best tool box for all kinds of hand tools or power tools.
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    High quality yet favorable price plastic cantilever tool boxes come with many sizes for your choices. 2-layer or 3-layer foldable tool box with tray offers large space for tool storage and convenient to tool orgtanization, perfect tool storage and organizer for screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, other accessories, etc


    • Constructed with strong PP plastics, high strengh, wear resistance and long lasting.
    • Cantilever toolbox features stainless steel folding rods and latches, sturdy and durable.
    • Light weight and easy portability with top handle.
    • 2 lid organizers for small parts storage.
    • With multi-level design, the plastic cantilever tool box hasĀ 2-layer or 3-layer available.


    Model T-BOX-2-17 T-BOX-3-17 T-BOX-3-21 T-BOX-3-17L T-BOX-3-21L
    Material Plastic
    Size (L*W*H) 420*200*160mm 420*200*175mm 485*255*215mm 430*230*200mm 490*280*250mm
    Number of Layers 2-layer 3-layer 3-layer 3-layer 3-layer
    Number of Trays 1 tray 2 trays 2 trays 2 trays 2 trays
    Weight 1.2kg 1.5kg 2.2kg 1.6kg 1.5kg

    Note: The sizes are approximate.


    Plastic Cantilever Toolboxes
    17 inch and 19 inch Cantilever Tool Boxes

    Tips: Tool box applications

    The tool box or toolbox is a kind of container for storing tools and various household sundries. It can be widely used for various purposes such as production, household, maintenance, fishing, etc.

    1. The staff's portable toolbox, the stainless steel toolbox of the ear picker, the repair toolbox of the repairman, the doctor's medicine box, etc.
    2. Auto 4S shops will be equipped with a certain number of toolboxes to facilitate the organization of tools to improve efficiency.
    3. Large factories: large factories are mostly assembly line operations, and it is quick and convenient to use a toolbox.
    4. Coach and aircraft manufacturing companies: large-scale passenger coach and aircraft manufacturing companies have relatively high environmental requirements for tool workshops, and at the same time the work stations are relatively large, so they must be equipped with a certain tool box.
    5. Various other fields are possible.

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    Joey | 9/11/2020 5:37 AM
    Load capacity of the toolbox
    How does the load capacity of the plastic toolbox with pallets reflect?
    A manager responded to this review
    First of all, we must understand the structure of the pull rod, from the handle to the upper and lower racks and then to the casters. The material of the handle is generally tough engineering plastics, which is stable in structure and not easy to deform. The upper and lower racks are also structurally stable and are used to fix the connection between the pull rod and the tool box. Secondly, pay attention to the material of the tie rod. Aluminum alloy and iron pipe have their own advantages and the surface process is also different. Aluminum alloy is lighter to use than iron pipe and it is not easy to oxidize.