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    Portable Plastic Tool Box, 14"/17"/20"

    Multi-purpose portable plastic tool box for wholesale, selectable 14"/17"/20" in sizes, reinforced polypropylene construction, comes with 1 interior tray for for flexible storage, 2 hinged lid for small parts storage, comfortable carry handle, stainless steel latches, wear-resistant and impact-resistant.
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    Low price plastic portable tool box is optional in sizes 14 inch / 17 inch / 20 inch to fit your needs of diiferent tool storage and organization.


    • Reinforced polypropylene construction, durable and shock-resistant
    • Removable tool tray for flexible tool storage.
    • 2 hinged lid organizers for small parts storage, convenient and practical.
    • Comfortable carrying handle, highly portability.
    • Stainless steel latches and padlock eye, enable to lock the toolbox securely.


    Model T-PBOX-14 T-PBOX-17 T-PBOX-20
    Material PP/ABS
    Size 14" 17" 20"
    Top Length*Width 360*190mm 415*210mm 470*240mm
    Bottom Length*Width 340*150mm 385*170mm 435*170mm
    Product Height 180mm 195mm 190mm
    Number of Trays 1 tray 1 tray 1 tray
    Weight 1.2kg 1.5kg 2.1kg

    Note: The sizes are approximate.

    Dimension Drawing

    Plastic Portable Tool Box Dimension Drawing

    Tips: Precautions for using the toolbox

    1. Do not stand on the toolbox or tool drawer to avoid damage or accident.
    2. The weight of the tools to be stored should not exceed the maximum loading weight of the tool box.
    3. Please wear gloves when using tools to avoid being scratched by sharp or rough objects.
    4. When choosing a toolbox, choose a certified toolbox, such as the well-known certification for the German VPA certification.
    5. Plastic toolbox are generally made of engineering plastics, so do not hit with hard objects to prevent cracking.
    6. For metal tool box, the surface is mostly painted or galvanized, so do not use hard objects to scratch the surface.
    7. When storing items, place them in order to increase the storage space.

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    Rhino | 8/4/2021 5:40 AM
    Durable tool box
    Perfect size for my home tool collection! What attracts me is that it has a lot of storage space. I didn't expect it to be super sturdy since it's a plastic box, but actually it seems to be holding up well. The stainless steel latches and padlock eyes are safe enough that I really like it. Overall, this seems like a good box.