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    1 Gallon/2 Gallon Plastic Nursery Pot

    Plastic nursery pots with wholesale price, made of PP resin material, squeezed without deformation and anti-drop. 1 gallon and 2 gallons are available. The drain hole at the bottom of the black plastic nursery pot can ensure the breathing of plants, which is suitable for all year round.
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    Wholesale plastic nursery pots for sale, 0.5 gallons, 1 gallons, 1.5 gallons, 2 gallons are optional, reusable and durable, black plastic planters are suitable for use in courtyards, gardens, and greenhouses.


    • Straight-tube plastic nursery pot is good for plant out of pots and reduces the damage to plants when changing pots.
    • PP resin material, squeezed without deformation, anti-drop and durable.
    • The drainage hole at the bottom of black plastic plant pots is designed to drain and ventilate, which is conducive to the breathing of plant roots and removes excess water.
    • The edge of the pot mouth is thick, and the flower pot is not easy to damage.


    Model Gallon Opening Diameter*Base Diameter*Basin Height Soil Loading Weight
    T-PP-05 0.5 Gallon 5.51"*4.13"*5.51" 1.5 L 53g
    T-PP-01 1 Gallon 6.30"*4.72"*6.30" 2.3 L 77g
    T-PP-1-5 1.5 Gallon 7.87"*5.90"*7.87" 4.5 L 134g
    T-PP-02 2 Gallon 8.66"*6.50"*8.66" 5.8 L 174g

    Plastic nursery pot size

    Black plastic planters
    Tips: How to choose the size of the plastic nursery pot?

    1. The diameter of the mouth of the flowerpot should be roughly the same as the crown diameter of the flower seedling branches and leaves (the branches and leaves of the flower seedlings are viewed as a circle, and the diameter is the crown diameter of the flower seedlings), so that the roots of the flower seedlings can grow. When growing rhododendrons, because their roots are thin and few, the crown diameter can be 1-2 times larger than the pot mouth.

    2. If the roots of the obtained flower seedlings have mud masses, the mud masses should be placed in the flowerpot with a space of about 3 cm around the flowerpot so that new soil can be added to facilitate root growth.

    3. If the resulting flowers and trees do not contain mud, the size of the flower pot should be determined according to the degree of comfort that the roots of the flowers and trees are placed in the pot. In case of flowers and trees with long taproots and roots, they can be pruned appropriately and planted in pots.

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    Adeptus | 7/16/2021 8:25 AM
    Nice nursery pot!
    I am a regular customer, TOOL's product quality is guaranteed so I come back.I want to move my small sapling into a new home  and 2 gallon one is command my needs. Thank you;)