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    Plastic Plant Pot, 1 Gallon/2 Gallon/5 Gallon

    Wholesale plastic plant pot for sale, optional 1 gallon, 2 gallon or 5 gallon plastic flower pot. Excellent bottom drainage design can effectively prevent plant roots from rot. Tall plastic garden pots are durable and can be used all year round.
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    Plastic pot planter is suitable for you who like gardening. It has a simple and fashionable appearance, thick material design, it can withstand strong extrusion and is not easy to deform.


    • The┬átall plastic flower pot has clear printing, corrosion-resistant, waterproof, and sun-proof.
    • Made of thicker material, it is resistant to extrusion and deformation.
    • The slope drainage and water absorption design of the plastic flowerpot prevents the roots of plants from rot, and does not affect the water absorption performance of the plants.
    • Concave design at the bottom of plastic pot planter, good anti-skid effect.


    Model Gallon Opening Diameter*Base Diameter*Basin Height Soil Loading Weight
    T-PP-05 0.5 Gallon 4.72"*3.74"*5.12" 1 L 68g
    T-PP-01 1 Gallon 6.31"*5.12"*6.69" 2 L 115g
    T-PP-1-5 1.5 Gallon 7.09"*5.71"*7.48" 3.5 L 153g
    T-PP-02 2 Gallon 8.66"*7.17"*8.27" 6 L 219g
    T-PP-03 3 Gallon 9.45"*7.68"*10.04" 9 L 286g
    T-PP-05 5 Gallon 10.63"*11.81"*15.95 15 L 426g


    Plastic pot planter
    Optional Colors
    Plastic pots color
    Planter Pot Tray
    Planter pot tray

    High quality plastic pot

    Tips: How to take care of flowers in winter?

    After entering the winter, many flowers enter the dormant period, and their metabolism is extremely slow. Correspondingly, the demand for fertilizer and water is greatly reduced. Fertilization and watering must be controlled.

    Except for the flowers that bloom in autumn, winter or early spring, and some herbal potted flowers that are sown in autumn, watering and fertilizing can be continued according to actual needs, and the rest of the potted flowers should be strictly controlled. Flowers in dormant or semi-dormant state should stop fertilizing. If the pot soil is not too dry, you don't need to water it, especially for potted plants that are shade-tolerant or placed in a cooler indoor place. Avoid excessive watering to cause flower roots and fallen leaves.

    Plum blossoms, kumquats, rhododendrons and other woody potted flowers should also be controlled with fertilizer and water, so as not to cause young shoots to grow, which affects flower bud differentiation and weakens cold resistance. Succulent plants need to stop fertilizing and water less, and basically keep the pot soil dry throughout the winter, or water about once a month. The room without heating equipment should reduce the amount of watering and the frequency of watering to keep the pot soil moderately dry to avoid root rot or freeze damage.

    Watering in winter should be carried out around noon. Do not water in the evening to prevent the pot soil from getting too wet. The night is cold but the roots are frozen. The tap water used for watering must be exposed to 1 to 2 days before it can be used. If the water temperature differs from room temperature by more than 10 degrees, it is easy to damage the roots.

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    Shaun | 7/19/2021 7:31 AM
    Durable, no flaws, arrived as described
    Exactly as expected. These plant plots have enough yield that they make transplanting a breeze while not being too flimsy. I use these pots to grow parsley. So far things are growing nicely in these pots. That's why I gave them 5 stars.