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    6.5 Inch Plunge-Cut Track Saw, 6.1A

    Best track saw for sale, plunge-cut type. Saw blade φ 6.5 inch (165mm), bore φ 20mm. Cutting depth with track 54mm for 90°, 38mm for 45°. Cutting angle -1°~48°. Power supply 230V/240V, 6.1/5.8 Amp. No-load speed 2000-5000 rpm.
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    Model T-CS018A
    Rated Voltage 230V/50Hz, 240V/60Hz
    Input Power 1400W
    Rated Current 6.1A, 5.8A
    No-Load Speed 2000-5000 rpm
    Saw Blade Diameter 6.5 inch (165mm)
    Bore Diameter 20mm
    Cutting Depth with Track 90°: 54mm
    45°: 38mm
    Cutting Depth without Track 90°: 59mm
    45°: 42mm
    Cutting Angle -1°~48°
    Weight 7 kg


    • Flexible track adjustment, easy blade replacement, adjustable cutting depth.
    • Pre-cut setting for precise and clean cutting.
    • Close-to-wall cutting function. Anti-kickback and lock-on-track design.

    Structure Diagram of Plunge-Cut Track Saw

    Structure Diagram of 6.5 Inch Plunge-Cut Track Saw, 6 Amp

    Details of Plunge-Cut Track Saw

    Details of 6.5 Inch Plunge-Cut Track Saw, 6 Amp

    Applicable Materials

    Applicable Materials of Plunge-Cut Track Saw

    Tips: What is a plunge-cut track saw?

    Plunge-cut track saw is a common woodworking power tool that can make precise cutting along a straight line on boards with various sizes. It can also be said that this is an electric circular saw running on precision metal track.

    The plunge-cut saw can move in a straight line on metal track. When using, first connect metal track to workpiece, align guide rail with mark, and set depth. Then put plunge-cut saw on guide track, insert it into workpiece, and move it forward along guide track to start sawing. Track can stabilize the plunge-cut saw, so there is no need to worry about the saw accidentally sliding off the marking line or moving away from it.

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