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    7-1/4 In Hand-Held Electric Circular Saw, 6.6A

    Handheld electric circular saw for sale. Saw blade diameter 7-1/4 inch (185mm). Cutting capacity 63.5mm for 90°, 44mm for 45°. Power supply 6.6 Amps for 220V, 6.0 Amps for 240V. No-load speed 4500 rpm. Affordable price and best quality.
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    Model T-XMY01-185
    Rated Voltage 220V/50Hz, 240V/60Hz
    Rated Power 1450W
    Rated Current 6.6A, 6.0A
    No-Load Speed 4500 rpm
    Blade Diameter 7-1/4 inch (185mm)
    Cutting Capacity 90°: 0-63.5mm
    45°: 0-44mm
    Weight 4 kg


    • Compact structure with small size, portable and easy to operate.
    • Industrial-grade performance, 0~45° angle adjustable, precise cutting and high efficiency.
    • Applicable materials include MDF, bamboo plywood, plywood, solid wood, solid wood plate, PVC pipes, etc.

    Details of Electric Circular Saw

    Details of 7-1/4 In Hand-Held Electric Circular Saw, 6~6.5A

    Tips: How to prevent overload of electric circular saw?

    1. When using electric circular saw, always pay attention to the sound and temperature rise. When machine is used for a long time, temperature rises above 60℃, and its body is hot or has a burning smell, stop it for inspection immediately and cool down.
    2. Do not touch the cutting tool by hand when electric circular saw is in operation. If it is found to have blunt, damaged and abnormal sounds/conditions, immediately stop electric circular saw for inspection.
    3. Before repairing blunt saw blade or replacing parts, cut off power supply and wait for the saw blade to stop completely.
    4. Once the abrasion of motor carbon brush exceeds the limit, it will malfunction. Therefore, the worn out carbon brushes should be replaced immediately and keep carbon brushes be clean.
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