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    PVC Pipe Cutter, 36mm/42mm/63mm

    Reasonable price PVC pipe cutter, maximum pipe diameter 36mm/42mm/63mm, high quality and hardness manganese steel blade, aluminum alloy material. The plastic cutting hand tool cuts pipes and tubes fast and labor saving.
    SKU: T-PC-HD
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    PVC pipe cutter is a cutting tool that cuts 36mm, 42mm, and 63mm plastic pipes easily. It is the best way to cut plastic pipe straight with the PVC cutter in tight places.


    • The blade of a PVC/PPR pipe cutter adopts high quality and high hardness manganese steel that easy to cut plastic pipe. It is security and not easy to rust and break.
    • PVC pipe cutters have ergonomic handles that are comfortable to hold and easy to cut. It is a best way to cut a PVC pipe using our pipe cutter that durable and labor saving.
    • A pipe cutter has self-locking ratchet design, it will automatic locks when you cut pipes. And a lock of the tail can lock the handle when you don’t use it.


    Model T-PC-36 T-PC-HD1 T-PC-HD2 T-PC-HD3
    Blade Material High Quality Manganese Steel High Quality Manganese Steel High Quality Manganese Steel High Quality Manganese Steel
    Material Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy
    Maximum Pipe Diameter 36mm  (1-2/5 inch) 42mm (1-5/8 inch) 42mm (1-5/8 inch) 63mm  (2-1/2 inch)
    Blade Thickness 2mm 2.55mm 2.55mm 3mm
    Total Width 35mm 95mm 80mm 110mm
    Total Length 210mm 210mm 245mm 255mm
    Weight 152g 258g 408g 502g


    PVC Pipe Cutter Size


    PVC Pipe Cutter Applications

    Tips: How to Use a PVC Pipe Cutter?
    1. Select an appropriate PVC pipe cutter according to the diameter of the pipe that will be cut, like 36mm, 42mm, 63mm or other large diameter.
    2. Check whether the plastic pipe cutter and the blade have cracked.
    3. Clean the pipe, clamp the pipe with the pipe cutting tool to measure the cut length.
    4. Lubricate the surface of the PVC/PPR pipe cutter and the other movable parts.
    5. At the beginning of cutting, the power could be a little larger, and then gradually decreased.
    6. Lubricate the PVC tube cutter and the ratchet wheel often to prolong service life.

    Notices for using a PVC pipe cutter:
    1. Choose a PVC pipe cutter with appropriate specification according to the diameter of a pipe. If the maximum opening of the pipe cutter smaller than pipe diameter, the pipe will slide easily.
    2. Make sure each part of the plastic pipe cutter is intact, otherwise it may hurt yourself or damage the pipe.
    3. Clamp the pipe with pliers and the blade should be perpendicular to the pipe, which prevent blades of the pipe cutter splitting.
    4. It is not allowed to move the pipe cutter from side to side when you use it.
    5.You need to lubricate each movable part of the pipe cutter to reduce friction.

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    Judy | 7/26/2021 7:51 AM
    Easy to use
    I needed an inexpensive cutter to cut the water tubing. For the price, this works. This 36mm PVC pipe cutter arrived quickly and works exactly as described and as I expected. This tool has a very sharp and apparently sturdy cutting blade. It cuts PVC, plastic and rubber with ease. I was overall satisfied with this unit.