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    Straight Air Hammer, 4000 bpm, 6/7" Stroke

    Wholesale straight air-powered hammer comes with 4000 bpm, 6/7" position stroke and 6" air chisel for one-hand operation. Compact design for increased access & comfort, self-locking collet for easy and fast loading and unloading of air chisel.
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    Buy inline air hammer to remove tile, features with a mini air chisel, 6/7 inch stroke, 4000 blows per minute at 90 psi working pressure. The light, quiet and powerful straight line pneumatic hammer that deliver incredible levels of performance and power at competitive price.


    Model T-KP-764
    Speed 4000 bpm (blows per minute)
    Stroke 6/7 inch (22mm)
    Air Inlet 1/4" (6.35mm)
    Working Pressure 90 psi
    Average Air Consumption 6 cfm
    Power Source Air-powered
    Net Weight / Gross Weight 1.2kg / 1.5kg
    Overall Dimension 185*35 mm
    Packing Included 1 * Air Hammer
    1 * Air Inlet Connector
    1 * Air Hammer Chisel


    4000bpm straight air hammer size4000bpm straight air hammer details

    Tips: How to use and 4000 bpm straight air hammer safely?

    Operating steps:

    1. Put the air hammer chisel into the self-locking collet, screw the tension spring into the cylinder, and ensure that it is held in place.
    2. Connect the air pipe to the air inlet of the air hammer.
    3. Grab the handle of the inline air hammer with your right hand, bring the chisel close to the surface of the object you need to work on, pull the trigger with your index finger and start working.


    1. Before connecting to the air pipe, confirm whether the air tool and components are complete and firm.
    2. A small amount of lubricating oil must be added before work to ensure that the pneumatic hammer is effective.
    3. When using straight air hammer, handle it gently to extend its life.
    4. Do not touch the shaft with your hands while using the pneumatic hammer to avoid injury.
    5. Put the air hammer tool in a safe position after use, and close the air valve to avoid accidental start and cause injury.
    6. Check and repair in time if abnormality is found.
    7. Regular maintenance.
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