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    Electrician Tool Belt with Pouch

    Cheap tool belt bag or tool pouch, available with various styles and sizes for you choice, reinforced 600D Polyester construction, waterproof and wear resistant, adjustable belt length with quick release belt buckle, keep your tools with easy reach, best for electrician, HVAC, plumbers, etc.
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    Small tool belt pounch for sale, optional several styles and sizes. Made from reinforced 600D Polyester, the tool belt bag features waterproof and wear resistant for durable use. With adjustable belt length with quick release belt buckle, the tool pouch can hold your tools at hand, easy to access. It is ideal tool storage for electrician, HVAC, plumbers, etc. while working on a job site.


    Model T-3002 T-3003 T-3005 T-3006 T-3009
    Material 600D Polyester 600D Polyester 600D Polyester 600D Polyester 600D Polyester
    Size (L*W) 580*165mm 250mm*210mm 600mm*130mm 600mm*130mm 130mm*260mm
    No. of Pockets 11 15 9 8 8
    Weight Capacity 20kg 20kg 20kg 20kg 12kg
    Weight 0.3kg 0.4kg 0.4kg 0.51kg 0.81kg

    Note: The sizes are approximate.


    Tool Belt Pouch

    Tips: Electrician tool belt

    Electricians usually carry an electrician bag for their work. The electrician bags are made from high quality leather or canvas, thick and durable. The tool bag not only contains all kinds of commonly used electrician tools, but also contains insulating tape, multimeter and all kinds of cable with different length and different cross-section thickness. Electricians also like to wear a tool belt or pouch around their waists.

    Tool belt is a kind of tool bag worn around the waist. The tool belt is small in size. The design of tool belts differ from one to another according to different requirements, which come with various individual pouches for different tools. The tool belts are very suitable for ones who need work at height, such as electricians.

    When buying an electrician tool belt, there are many factors that should be taken into considerations, including waist size, product weight, material, pockets, durability, design and comfort. In addition, you can buy it in a physical shop, but you can also buy online with more convenience and varieties.

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    Gresham | 8/13/2021 7:27 AM
    Solid tool bag
    This type of tool bag can roll up and hand hold. Just what I needed to keep tools organized. I like the convenience of the adjustable belt length with quick release belt buckle. This electrician tool belt with pouch is sturdy. I believe that it can be used for a long time.