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    Portable Ultrasonic Sensor Distance Meter, 18m

    Best portable distance meter measuring tool made of high quality ultrasonic sensors, 18m (60 ft) measuring range, powered by 9V battery, 40kHz working frequency, LCD display, calculation of area and volume, laser positioning.
    SKU: T-UDM-01
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    Portable hand-held ultrasonic sensor distance measurer at wholesale price, uses ultrasound to accurately measure the vertical distance from point to plane. It has 50cm~18m (2~60 ft) measuring range, can automatically calculate the area, volume, best for home decoration, engineering construction.


    Model T-CP3009
    Measuring Range 50cm~18m (2~60 ft)
    Accuracy 0.50%
    Power Source 1x 9V battery (not included)
    Resolution 0.01m
    Units of Measure Meters/ Feet
    Power Consumption 0.02W
    Function 1. Instantaneous or continuous measurement
    2. Calculation of area and volume
    3. Laser positioning
    4. Internal temperature automatic compensation
    5. Automatic shut-down
    Working Frequency 40kHz
    Working Temperature 0°C ~ 43°C
    Application Home decoration, Engineering construction
    Dimension 125*65*35mm
    Weight 200g
    Paacking Included 1 x Ultrasonic Sensor Distance Meter
    1 x User Manual

    Tips: Operating instructions of ultrasonic sensor distance meter

    1. Pay attention to the positive and negative poles when installing the battery, and only use alkaline batteries.
    2. Do not aim the ultrasonic sensor directly at the sun, eyes or illuminate the eyes through a reflective surface (such as mirror reflection) during measurement.
    3. The ultrasonic sensor distance meter must be handled with care during use, and should be avoided in places that are too humid, under high temperature or direct sunlight.
    4. There will be large errors in the measurement results when the sun is too strong, the ambient temperature fluctuates too much, the reflection effect of the reflecting surface is weak, and the battery power is insufficient. In this case, it is better to use the target reflector.
    5. When the ultrasonic sensor distance meter is not in use for a long time, please take out the battery and put the rangefinder in the instrument case provided, and store the distance meter in a cool place.
    6. Please keep the surface of the distance measuring tool clean. You can wipe the surface dust with a damp soft cloth. Do not use aggressive liquids to clean the meter. You can wipe the ultrasonic window and focusing lens in accordance with the method of wiping the optical device table.
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    Bryan | 11/6/2020 1:41 AM
    Great ultrasonic sensor rangefinder
    This is the best ultrasonic rangefinder I have ever used. It can quickly measure the size of the room and automatically calculate the area and volume. Measuring the ceiling height and determining the number of decorative strips required is most suitable for real estate brokers like us. It measures faster and easier than a standard tape measure.