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    Hand-held Laser Ultrasonic Distance Measure Meter

    Cheap price hand-held ultrasonic distance measure meter with laser for sale, perfect measuring tool for home decoration, engineering construction. Measuring range of 2~60 ft, ±0.50% accuracy, M, ft units are convertible, automatic calculation of area, volume.
    SKU: T-UDM-02
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    Portable hand-held laser ultrasonic distance meter can measure distance in a straight-line from 50cm~18m, digital LCD disply, easy to read the distance, area and volume of a room.


    Model T-CP3007
    Measuring Range 50cm~18m (2~60 ft)
    Accuracy ±0.50%
    Power Source 1x 9V battery (not included)
    Resolution 0.01m
    Units of Measure Meters/ Feet
    Power Consumption 0.02W
    Display LCD
    Function 1. M, ft units are convertible
    2. Laser positioning
    3. Quickly measure distance, area and volume
    4. Automatic calculation of area, volume addition and subtraction
    5. Automatic shut-down
    Working Frequency 40kHz
    Working Temperature 0°C ~ 50°C
    Application Home decoration, Engineering construction
    Dimension 162*76*52mm
    Weight 200g
    Packing Included 1 x Ultrasonic Distance Measure
    1 x User Manual


    Ultrasonic laser distance measure application


    Tips: How to use laser ultrasonic distance meter correctly?

    1. Laser ultrasonic distance meter tests the distance between the obstacle and the bottom of the machine, not the distance from the top. If you take the top as the benchmark, you will find that the displayed distance and the actual distance will have an error of about ten centimeters.
    2. When measuring, keep the body and the wall as vertical as possible, especially when the measured distance is farther, the more vertical, the higher the accuracy of the measurement data, otherwise the greater the slope, the greater the error. When measuring long distances, it is recommended to turn on the laser positioning to keep it as vertical as possible.
    3. Some curtains can absorb sound waves, causing inaccurate measurement by the ultrasonic distance measuring tool. If you are measuring in a room with curtains, please put the curtain on the other side of the window first, and then close the window.
    4. If there is an obstacle in the measured distance, the data measured by ultrasonic is incorrect. For example, tables, chairs or other obstacles. If you are not sure whether your measurement is correct, then you take multiple measurements from different angles.
    5. If you need to measure uneven ground or very narrow corners, the data will be wrong. If the distance to be measured is greater than 60 feet (18.288 meters), stand in the center of the house, that is, measure from the midpoint to each side, and then summarize the data.
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    michael | 11/20/2020 1:04 AM
    Very satisfied with this shopping
    I can't believe the speed and convenience of this ultrasonic rangefinder to measure the room. In a few seconds, I got the measurement result. I will use it to measure more distances and I am very satisfied with this shopping.