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    Womens Rose Gardening Gloves

    High quality women's work gardening gloves for pruning roses, good breathability, keep hands cool and dry, can be used for picking vegetables, digging soil and picking fruits. Small, medium and large sizes are optional.
    SKU: T-GG-50
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    • High quality gardening gloves conform to the ergonomic design, bring a comfortable experience to the wearer, beautiful and stylish, is one of the necessary tools for the family.
    • The palm of the glove has a latex matte coating, which has a good anti-chemical effect.
    • The back is printed with fashion prints, green flowers and pink flowers for your choice.
    • The sleeves of gardening gloves are long, which ensures the comfort and makes the customers wear them more firmly.


    Model T-GG-50
    Poduct Name Womens gardening gloves
    Gloves Material Nylon
    Uses Dig soil, grow flowers, and plant flowers
    Color Green, pink
    Weight 147g


    Size Length Width
    Small 10.3 inch 3.14 inch
    Medium 10.23 inch 3.54 inch
    Large 10.62 inch 3.74 inch

    Tips: How to grow roses?

    1. Prepare potting soil
    To plant roses, choose earthen pots with good air permeability. The soil needs to be air-permeable, loose and have good water retention and drainage capabilities, and put them in the pot. Or find an open space that is good for drainage.

    2. Soak planting
    Choose the full-grained rose seeds and soak them in warm water. After soaking, sprinkle them evenly on the surface of the soil, cover them with thin soil, about 3 to 5 cm, and spray water to make the seeds and soil completely moist. This will sprout in about a week.

    3. Seedling transplanting
    After the roots of the seedlings are stable and mature, they can be moved into the pots. Don't plant too deep when transplanting, because only shallow planting is more conducive to its breathing and avoid suffocation of seedlings.

    4. Post-maintenance
    After transplanting, do not directly water a large amount of water. At this time, slowly infiltrate and water along the pot wall until the soil is completely drenched. In addition, pay attention not to put it under strong light, so you can get some sun in the morning and evening.

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    Kelly | 5/12/2021 2:10 AM
    Waterproof rose gardening gloves
    Are these ladies rose gardening gloves waterproof?
    A manager responded to this review
    Yes, this glove is waterproof, and its breathability is very good, it can keep your hands dry.