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    0.5-508mm Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

    Buy 0.5-508mm measuring range ultrasonic thickness gauge with best price. It is a color A/B scanning thickness gauge with coating penetration capability and can store 100,000 thickness values and 1,000 scan waveforms. The standard TC510 probe is made of piezoelectric ceramic wafers with better performance. You can also buy high temperature probe, small diameter tube probe, etc. according to your measurement needs.
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    High precision ultrasonic thickness tester for wholesale, which can also work smoothly in low light conditions. There are 4 rectification modes can be selected: Radio frequency, positive half wave, negative half wave and full wave. Difference value mode and maximum/ minimum capture mode can help you make the measurement data clear at a glance.


    Model T-UM
    Measuring Range 0.5-508mm (TC510 Standard Probe)
    Resolution 0.01-0.1mm
    Units mm & inch
    Display Mode

    Thickness Value Mode

    Minimum/ Maximum Value Mode

    Difference/ Thinning Rate Mode

    Calibration Mode

    One-point Calibration & Two-point Calibration

    Measurement Update Rate (Selectable) 4Hz/s 8Hz/s 16Hz/s
    Data Storage 100000 Groups
    Sound Speed Range 500~9999 m/s, 0.0197~0.3937 inch/us
    Alarm Set Maximum & Minimum
    Working Language English, French, Japanese, Chinese, German
    Shutdown Set Automatic Shutdown After 5/10/20 Minutes of No Operation/ Manual Shutdown
    V Path Correction
    Power Supply 2*AA Batteries
    Work Environment -10℃~+50℃
    Dimension 153mm×76mm×37mm (H×W×D)
    Package Weight 0.28kg
    Package Included

    1*0.5-508mm Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

    1*Coupling Agent

    1*TC510 Standard Probe

    1*Sealed Box


    1*Packing File


    Details of 0.5-508mm thickness gaugePackage details of 0.5-508mm thickness gauge

    Function Difference

    Functions T-UM-5 T-UM-5D T-UM-5DL
    OLED Color Screen
    Real-time A-SCAN
    Real-time B-SCAN
    Adjustable Gain and Gate
    Penetrate the Coating ×
    Data Storage × ×
    Data View Software × ×

    Probes for Selection

    Picture Model Type Frequency Contact Diameter Measuring Range Temperature Range
    Probe PT08 PT08 General Purpose 5MHz 11mm 0.8-100mm -10-70℃
    Probe PT06 PT06 Small Diameter Tube 7.5MHz 8mm 0.8-30mm -10-71℃
    Probe PT04 PT04 Fingertip 10MHz 6mm 0.7-12mm -10-72℃
    Probe ZT12 ZT12 Coarse Grain (Cast Iron) 2MHz 17mm 4.0-508mm -10-73℃
    Probe GT12 GT12 High Temperature 5MHz 15mm 4.0-80mm -20-450℃

    Tips: Troubleshooting - Distortion of indication in ultrasonic thickness gauge

    In the actual application of ultrasonic thickness tester, if the indication value is distorted and deviates from the actual thickness, it will cause hidden dangers in the pipeline (equipment), resulting in replacement of pipe fittings based on incorrect data and a lot of material waste. This phenomenon often occurs in field equipment and pipeline inspections. After a large number of phenomena and data analysis, the reasons are summarized as follows:

    • The surface roughness of the workpiece is too large, resulting in poor coupling between the ultrasonic thickness meter probe and the contact surface, low reflected echo, and even the echo signal cannot be received.
    • The radius of curvature of the workpiece is too small, especially when measuring the thickness of small diameter pipes, because the surface of the commonly used probe is flat, and the contact with the curved surface is point contact or line contact, so the sound transmission rate is low (bad coupling).
    • The detection surface is not parallel to the bottom surface, and the sound waves are scattered when encountering the bottom surface, and the probe cannot receive the bottom wave signal.
    • Castings and austenitic steel have uneven structure or coarse grains. When ultrasonic waves pass through them, serious scattering attenuation occurs. The scattered ultrasonic waves propagate along a complicated path, which may annihilate the echo and cause no display.
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    Hogger | 4/1/2021 6:18 AM
    High quality 0.5-508mm ultrasonic thickness gauge
    This is an amazing ultrasonic thickness gauge. When I use it to measure the thickness of an object, it can measure the results that I am most satisfied with.