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    1.2-225mm Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

    Best ultrasonic thickness gauge for sale online. 1.2-225mm measuring range, ± (1% H + 0.1) mm accuracy, 1000-9999m/s adjustable speed of sound, 5MHz working frequency. Good quality ultrasonic thickness tester with the functions of data storage/ query/ deletion, low power indication, automatic shutdown, LCD backlight.
    SKU: T-GM100
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    Good price ultrasonic thickness meter online, used for 1.2-225mm ultrasonic thickness measurement for materials of ceramics, glass, metal, plastic, etc.


    Model T-GM100
    Measuring Range 1.2-225mm (Steel)
    Accuracy ± (1% H + 0.1) mm
    Resolution 0.1mm
    Sound Speed Range 1000-9999m/s
    Working Frequency 5MHz
    Lower Limit of Pipe Measurement Φ20*3mm (Steel)
    Data Storage
    Data Query
    Data Deletion
    Low Power Indication
    Automatic Shutdown
    LCD Backlight
    Power Supply 3x1.5V AAA Batteries (Not Included)
    Dimension 70*145*28 mm
    Net Weight 210g


    Details of 1.2-225mm thickness gauge


    Applications of 1.2-225mm thickness gauge


    Calibration of thickness gaugeCalibration of thickness gauge

    Tips: Four measuring methods of ultrasonic thickness gauge

    When using an ultrasonic thickness tester to measure the thickness of the pipe, the dividing surface of the probe can be measured along the axis of the pipe or perpendicular to the axis of the pipe. If the pipe diameter is large, the measurement should be measured in the direction perpendicular to the pipeline; if the pipe diameter is small, it should be measured in two directions, and the smaller value is the measured thickness value. The measurement method of ultrasonic thickness gauge generally has the following four points:

    1. Single-point measuring method: Take any point on the object to be measured, measure it with a probe, and the displayed value is the thickness measurement value.
    2. Two-point measurement method: Use the probe to make two measurements at the same point of the measured object. In the two measurements, the dividing surface of the probe is 90 degrees, and the smaller value is taken as the thickness measurement value.
    3. Multi-point measuring method: Make multiple measurements in a circle with a diameter of about 30mm, and take the smallest value of the measurement as the thickness measurement value.
    4. Continuous reading measuring method: Use single-point measurement method to continuously measure along the designated line, with an interval not less than 5mm, and take the small value of the measurement as the thickness measurement value.
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    Shelly | 1/20/2021 2:06 AM
    Ultrasonic thickness gauge for accurate measurement
    This is my second purchase of this ultrasonic thickness gauge. Its operation method is very simple, you can learn how to operate it correctly after using it once, and its measurement results are also very accurate, which is a good helper for pipeline inspection.