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    1/2" Air Ratchet Wrench, 60 ft/lb, 160rpm

    Wholesale price 1/2 inch air ratchet wrench, maximum torque 60 ft/lb (80Nm), no load speed 160rpm, working pressure 0.65 MPa, air inlet 1/4 inch, lightweight but high torque, powered by air compressor. Best air ratchet for fastening bolts in hard-to-reach places.
    SKU: T-ARW-260
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    1/2 inch air ratchet wrench, best for loosening and tightening fasteners in tight spaces, is widely used in small size cars repair, motorcycle repair or pipeline maintenace. It always helps you finish your repair and maintenance work in a narrow place, which is convenient and labor saving.


    • 1/2" square drive air rathcet wrench, light weight and compact size.
    • Forward/reverse switch in the rathcet head, easy to change direction.
    • Provides 60 ft/lb of maximum torque and 160 rpm of free speed.
    • Long throttle lever makes it easy to trigger.
    • Air inlet with filter to keep the debris out and ensure clean working environment.


    Model T-ARW-260
    Drive Size 1 /2 inch
    Working Pressure 91 PSI (0.65 MPa)
    Air Inlet Size 1/4 inch (6.35mm)
    Bolt Capacity 10mm
    Hose Size 10 * 6.5mm
    Air Consumption 5 CFM
    Maximum Torque 60 ft/lb (80Nm)
    No Load Speed 160rpm
    Power Source Air Powered
    Body Length 260mm
    Weight 1.3kg


    1/2 inch Air Ratchet Wrench 60 ft/lb Details

    Tips: How to Maintain the Air Ratchet Wrench?

    1. The compressed air should be clean and free of moisture and sweat. Please use an air filter.
    2. Before and after use, the pneumatic ratchet wrench should be lubricated.
    3. Please unplug the high pressure air source before lubricating.
    4. Press the trigger and fill 3-5CC special lubricating oil for air tools in the air inlet.
    5. Connect the high pressure air source and start the tool forwards and backwards and turn for 20 seconds, the lubricating oil will be discharged from the air outlet opening.
    6. Maintenance must be done every three months. All parts should be inspected and cleaned. The air ratchet should be lubricated before storing to prevent rusting inside the tool.
    7. The mobile rack must be lubricated and maintained once a month.

    • Unplug the air ratchet from the air pipe, and open the screw on the front cover or directly open the front cover.
    • Apply a proper amount of lubricating oil to the inside of the front cover and the action frame, and then lock the front cover.
    • Connect the air compressor tube, lightly start the trigger idling for 20-30 seconds, let the oil lubricate the entire action frame group.
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