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    1/2" x 330 ft. Rubber Garden Water Hose

    Low price rubber garden water hose pipe for sale, 1/2 inch x 330 ft., 4 layers composite structure, soft and flexible, water temperature from -25 to +65℃, can be used with spray nozzle, lawn sprinkler or hose reel cart.
    SKU: T-RGH-100M
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    1/2 inch rubber garden water hose has high elastic and will not out of shape. It is soft enough suitable for four seasons.


    Model T-SGH125-S5
    Size 1/2 inch
    Length 330 ft. (100m)
    Inner Diameter 12.5mm
    Outer Diameter 17mm
    Water temperature -25 to +65℃
    Pipe Thickness 4 Layers, 2.25mm
    Material PVC, Polyester
    Weight 15kg
    Application Used with spray nozzle, lawn sprinkler or hose reel cart


    Inner layer: The internal layer of garden hose is made from PVC material.
    Inter layer: High tensile fiber reinforced wires are cross-braided by winding mesh technique, explosion-proof and resistance to internal pressure.
    Outer layer: The surface is made from lightproof material, prevent aging of water hose pipe and increase it service life.

    1-2-inch Garden Water Hose Pipe Details

    Tips: How to Select a Garden Hose?

    What is a good PVC garden hose? You may feel confused when you buy it in the store. A high quality plastic garden hose lasts 3-5 years, but a bad one will harden, change color or rot in less than 1 year. How to choose a garden hose?

    • Observe how the water hose looks. A good one includes several features, such as uniform color, the pipe wall thicker than others in the same specification, pipe cross section without honeycomb.
    • A well-made hose has a smooth surface and a good elasticity. You can bend the hose and see if it bounces. The faster it bounces, the more elastic it is.
    • A good quality hose is odorless. If there is a pungent smell from the plastic hose, it is not made from environmental protection material.

    At, we provide 50 ft., 65 ft., 100 ft. retractable garden hose reel, water hose reel cart with high performance PVC water hose. Our water hoses meet all the above requirements, ideal for your garden, balcony and yard. Shop online now!

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