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    1/4" Right Angle Air Drill, 1500rpm

    1/4 inch mini right angle air drill at wholesale price, no load speed 1500rpm, chuck capacity 0.6 – 6mm, air inlet 1/4 in. working pressure 0.6 – 0.8MPa, powered by compressed air, best 90 degree pneumatic drill for drilling holes in metal products and wooden components.
    SKU: T-AAD-1500
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    1/4 inch mini central pneumatic air drill is used for drilling holes on metal products or sheets and wooden components. Designed with right / 90 degree angle body, the small pneumatic drill helps you work easily in various narrow places. It has a three-jaw chuck that grasps the drill bits tightly.


    Model T-AAD-1500
    Color Orange
    Chuck Size 1/4 inch (6mm)
    Chuck Capacity 0.6 - 6mm
    Working Pressure 85 - 115 PSI (0.6 - 0.8 MPa)
    Air Inlet Size 1/4 inch (6.35mm)
    Hose Size 6.5mm
    Air Consumption 5 CFM
    No Load Speed 1500rpm
    Power Source Air Powered
    Body Dimension 160mm * 90mm
    Weight 0.68kg


    1/4 inch Right Angle Air Drill 1500rpm Details

    Tips: How to Use a Right Angle Air Drill Correctly?

    Right angle air drill is a pneumatic hand tool suitable for drilling holes in metal products, wood, concrete floors, walls, bricks and other materials. If an 90 degree air drill is not used properly, it may hurt yourself or others. So how to use it correctly?

    1. Before use the air drill, make sure that the air hose correctly connects with the air compressor.
    2. Check whether the air hose is damaged or leaking. If these conditions occur, replace it immediately.
    3. The standard drill bit shall be installed in accordance with the permissible range of the pneumatic drill bit, and the drill bit beyond the range shall not be forced to be used.
    4. When you use the pneumatic drill, the air hose should be well protected. It should not be dragged on the sharp metal to prevent it from being crushed or cut.
    5. In case of abnormal vibration, abnormal sound or high heat of the air drill during use, stop your work immediately, and ask the maintenance personnel for timely inspection and repair.
    6. When you need to replace the drill bit, use the special wrench or drill locked key. It is not allowed to use a hammer and a screwdriver to knock the air drill.
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    Lieder | 11/26/2021 6:24 AM
    Powerful 1500rpm right angle air drill
    This 1500rpm right-angle air drill is very powerful, has very little noise during use, and feels good in hand. It saves effort when drilling and gets twice the result with half the effort.