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    1.5 Gallons Garden Pump Sprayer

    Buy best garden pump sprayer with 1.5gal (6L) capacity, which is designed with water mist mode and water column mode, can be adjusted by rotating the nozzle. The built-in safety valve can automatically reduce pressure when the air pressure in the pressure pump sprayer is too high, effectively protecting the service life of the garden sprayer and personal safety.
    SKU: T-ZL8-6A
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    Good price 6 litre pump sprayer for sale. 1.2m hose, 35cm nozzle mast. The external air pressure gauge can visually see the air pressure state in the pump, which can effectively avoid excessive air pressure and is very safe. 304 stainless steel garden pump sprayer, corrosion-resistant, rust-free, and long service life.


    Model T-ZL8-6A
    Capacity 6L/ 1.5 gal
    Material 304 Stainless Steel
    Length of Hose 120cm
    Length of Nozzle Mast 35cm
    Packing Size 19cm*19cm*47cm
    Weight 2.7kg


    Details of garden pump sprayer

    2 patterns of garden pump sprayer


    Operation of garden pump sprayer

    Tips: 4 types of garden pump sprayers (according to the principle of spraying)

    1. Bernoulli principle. Bernoulli principle means that in fluids, the pressure is small when the flow rate is high; the pressure is high when the flow rate is small. The fluid will automatically flow from high pressure to low pressure. When passing through the three-pronged tube of the pressure pump sprayer, the low-speed flowing water flows to the high-speed flowing air, and the water is torn into water droplets by the high-speed air. (Imagine that the water flowing out of the faucet has a slow speed at first, which is a column of water, but then it becomes water droplets when the speed gradually increases). These small water droplets become mist after being sprayed from the garden pump sprayer.
    2. The principle that the high-speed water flow breaks into small water droplets after hitting an obstacle. This refers to pressing water into a thin tube to cause a high-speed water flow, which breaks into small water droplets when it hits an obstacle. The situation is like turning on the faucet and blocking it with your fingers. Household pump sprayers often use this structure, and the cost is low.
    3. The principle of the centrifugal force to throw the liquid out. This means that the high-speed rotating atomization disc in the pump sprayer uses centrifugal force to throw the liquid out and shred it into small droplets, similar to the situation when an umbrella rotates.
    4. The principle of ultrasonic atomization. Vibration can cause "sprays" on the water surface. The vibration frequency of ultrasonic waves is very high, the wavelength of its "sprays" is very small, so the water droplets it forms are also very small, and these small water droplets become water mist.
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    Edwin | 9/17/2021 6:07 AM
    Good pressure pump sprayer
    This works better than any other pressure spray device I have used. Love this! Super easy to set up and use, and has made my life easier. Fantastic! It’s solid, well made and the spray control has a really solid feel. I love this pump sprayer and would highly recommend it.