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    2.5 Gallons Garden Pump Sprayer

    Wholesale price 10L garden pump sprayer. Water mist mode has wide spraying angle and uniform water mist. The water column mode can spray strong and continuous water, with high water pressure and long spray range. Can be used to wash cars, air conditioners, trash cans, glass, floors, etc.
    SKU: T-ZL13-10A
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    Ideal pressure sprayer with competitive price. 2.5gal/ 10L capacity, 304 stainless steel material, 120cm hose, 47cm nozzle mast. Safety valve and barometer design, safer than ordinary garden sprayers.


    Model T-ZL13-10A
    Capacity 10L/ 2.5 gal
    Material 304 Stainless Steel
    Length of Hose 120cm
    Length of Nozzle Mast 47cm
    Packing Size 190mm*190mm*670mm
    Weight 3.44kg


    Details of garden pump sprayer

    2 patterns of garden pump sprayer


    Operation of garden pump sprayer

    Tips: Advantages and disadvantages of different garden pump sprayers

    1. Ordinary hand garden pump sprayer
    Advantages: 1. Low price. 2. Easy maintenance and low price of accessories.
    Disadvantages: 1. Low efficiency, high labor intensity, and not suitable for large area operations. 2. The physic liquor leaks and drips, and the body of the operator is easily wetted by the physic liquor, which is easy to be poisoned and not environmentally friendly. 3. The maintenance rate is high and too troublesome.

    2. Automatic high-pressure garden pump sprayer
    Advantages: 1. High efficiency (up to 3 to 4 times that of ordinary hand pressure pump sprayers), low labor intensity, and continuous operation. 2. Few wearing parts, low maintenance rate and basically no operating cost. 3. The atomization capacity can reach or exceed the electric pump sprayer, and the direct spray range can reach 7 to 11 meters.
    Disadvantages: 1. It takes about two minutes for the high-pressure pump sprayer to press the physic liquor into the pump sprayer before spraying. 2. The method of use is different from other garden pump sprayers, so need to read the instructions first.

    3. Electric pump sprayer
    Advantages: 1. High efficiency (up to 3 to 4 times that of ordinary hand pump sprayers), low labor intensity, and easy to use. 2. It gives a good first impression and is easy to sell.
    Disadvantages: 1. The capacity of the battery determines the continuous operation time of the sprayer. 2. The sprayer parts of various brands are not universal, the maintenance is not easy, and the repair cost is too high. The battery has a shelf life, and the water pump is also prone to failure. 3. As it involves some electrical appliances, it must be repaired by professionals.

    4. Motorized garden pump sprayer
    Advantages: 1. High working efficiency and good spray effect.
    Disadvantages: 1. The purchase price is high, the use cost is high, and gasoline is needed. 2. Heavy weight, high noise, high pollution, high machine temperature and poor working environment. 3. Professional maintenance is required.

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    Clarissa | 7/16/2021 6:47 AM
    Impressive sprayer
    I purchased this product for my aunt. She used it immediately upon arrival, said it was easy to pull through the grass, not heavy when full, and sprayed easily. Its a much more beefy and robust design. In general, it works perfect! I would order again if I needed another one.