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    10 Inch Compound Miter Saw with Belt, 7.5A/8A

    Electric compound miter saw, driven by belt. Saw blade diameter 10 inch (255mm). Rated power 1800W. Rated voltage 7.5A for 240V, 8A for 220V. Sawing capacity 78*85mm for 0°-0° right angle cutting, 78*70mm for 0°-45° right angle bevel cutting. No-load speed 5500 rpm.
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    Compound miter saw with belt for sale, it has a φ10 inch (255mm) saw blade, power supply is 240V or 220V. Applicable sawing materials are aluminum, wood, water pipe, steel pipe. It is a compact compound miter saw with good price.


    Model T-XJX05-255
    Motor Power 1,800W
    Rated Voltage 220V/50Hz, 240V/60Hz
    Rated Current 8.0A, 7.5A
    Saw Blade Diameter 10 inch (255mm)
    Sawing Capacity
    0°-0° Right Angle Positive Cutting 78*85mm
    0°-45° Right Angle Bevel Cutting 78*70mm
    No-Load Speed 5,500 rpm
    Driving Mode Belt Driven
    Weight 10.4 kg
    Accessories 1 saw blade, 1 Allen wrench, 1 dust collection bag

    Structure Diagram of Compound Miter Saw with Belt

     Structure Diagram of 10 Inch Belt Saw, 7.5A/8A

    Angle Adjustment Diagram

    Angle Adjustment Diagram of 10 Inch Belt Saw, 7.5A/8A

    Saw Blade Installation for Compound Miter Saw with Belt

    1. Use a hexagonal screwdriver to open the saw blade screw.
    2. Remove the screws and fixed spacers.
    3. Install the saw blade.
    4. Install the screws.
    5. Tighten the screws.
    6. Adjust and complete.

    Saw Blade Installation for Compound Miter Saw

    Tips: What is a compound miter saw?

    Compound miter saw is a power tool used for sawing aluminum, wood, steel and other materials. Compound miter saw enables saw blade and tool bit to be tilted at various angles to cut workpiece. It makes bevel cutting more convenient and faster. Miter cutting refers that cut diagonally into side of the material. Compound cut is a combination of miter cut and bevel cut.

    Compound miter saw is recognized as the best tool for precise miter cutting on workpiece, whether the cut is square, angled or beveled. In many cases, Compound miter saws allow users to tilt and cut at the same time to complete precise and complex compound cutting.

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    Steven | 9/14/2020 7:29 AM
    The advantages of electric miter saw
    What are the advantages of this electric miter saw?
    A manager responded to this review
    Electric miter saws are highly efficient and a miter saw is equivalent to the efficiency of 4-5 workers.
    Reducing labor costs can reduce labor costs for about 8 people.
    Workers operate easily and are highly motivated.
    The system is simple, anyone can operate it within a few minutes of learning and it is not difficult to find a cutting worker.
    The precision is stable and small materials can also be used, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the plate.