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    10 Inch 8A Compound Miter Saw

    Compound miter saw for sale. Saw blade diameter 10 inch (255mm). Max sawing angle 45°-45° for bevel cutting. Max sawing capacity 70*140mm. Motor power 1.8kW. Rated current 8A for 220V, 7.5A for 240V. Impact speed 6000 rpm. Excellent performance with affordable price.
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    The compound miter saw with 10 inch (255mm) saw blade. Power supply supports 220V or 240V. It is the best electric miter saw for cutting aluminum, wood, steel and water pipe. Compact structure and small size.


    Model T-XJX02-255
    Motor Power 1,800W
    Rated Voltage 220V/50Hz, 240V/60Hz
    Rated Current 8.0A, 7.5A
    Saw Blade Diameter 10 inch (255mm)
    Sawing Capacity
    0°-0° right angle positive cutting 70*140mm
    45°-0° bevel angle positive cutting 42*120mm
    0°-45° right angle bevel cutting 70*90mm
    45°-45° bevel angle bevel cutting 42*90mm
    No-Load Speed 6,000 rpm
    Driving Mode Gear Driven
    Weight 12 kg
    Accessories 1 saw blade, 1 Allen wrench, 2 carbon brushes, 1 movable clamp, 1 dust collection bag, 1 angle ruler

    Compound Miter Saw Structure Diagram

    Structure Diagram of 10 Inch 8A Compound Miter Saw

    Angle Adjustment Diagram

    Angle Adjustment Diagram of 10 Inch 8A Compound Miter Saw

    Saw Blade Installation for Compound Miter Saw

    Saw Blade Installation for Compound Miter Saw

    1. Unscrew the protective cover screw 1.
    2. Loosen the screw 2.
    3. Move the cover back.
    4. Press and hold the spindle lock.
    5. Loosen the screws.
    6. Remove a pressing plate.
    7. Install the saw blade.
    8. Tighten the spindle screw.
    9. Tighten the screw 1.
    10. Tighten the screw 2.

    Tips: The difference between compound miter saw and miter saw.

    • Miter saws are used for vertical cutting. The cut is perpendicular to surface of the material to be cut. Miter saw helps to cut a true and consistent angle measured from front edge of the board, and helps to repeat the same angle in subsequent cuts.
    • Vertical angle of the cutting for compound saw is variable. (The vertical angle is measured relative to main surface of the board). Compound saw can be set to achieve and maintain an accurate and repeatable vertical angle relative to surface of the board.
    • Compound miter saw combines the flexibility of a compound saw and a miter saw, so cutting can be combined with different angles over the entire depth and width of board.
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