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    10 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack

    10 ton bottle jack ideal for lifting passenger cars, trucks, farm vehicles, engineering vehicles or machineries, features a lift range 200mm~385mm (from 7-7/8 inch to 15-1/8 inch), an scrow head with 60mm (2-3/8 inch) adjustable height.
    SKU: T-HBJ-10T
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    10 ton hydraulic bottle jack, solid steel structure, lift height 125mm, CE/ GS/ TUV certification.


    Model T-HBJ-E0510-1
    Weight 5.5kg
    Maximum capacity 10 ton
    Number of ram Single
    Minimum height 200mm
    Maximum height 385mm
    Adjustable height 60mm
    Lift height 125mm
    Material Steel
    Certification CE, GS, TUV
    Packing included 1 * bottle jack
    2 * safety bar
    1 * tool box

    Tips: The working principle of hydraulic jack

    1. Oil pump suction process
      When the lever handle is lifted by hand, the small piston is driven upward, and the sealing working volume in the pump body increases. At this time, because the oil discharge check valve and the oil discharge valve respectively closes their respective oil paths, the working volume in the pump body increases to form a partial vacuum. Under the action of atmospheric pressure, the oil in the oil tank flows into the pump body through the oil pipe to open the oil suction check valve to complete an oil suction action.
    2. 2. Vehicle lifting process
      When the lever handle is pressed down, the small piston is driven to move down, the working volume of the small oil chamber in the pump body is reduced, the oil is squeezed out, and the oil discharge check valve is opened (the oil suction check valve is automatically closed at this time The oil path leading to the oil tank), the oil enters the hydraulic cylinder (oil cavity) through the oil pipe. Since the hydraulic cylinder (oil cavity) is also a sealed working volume, the force generated by the incoming oil due to squeezing will push the big piston up and lift the car to do work. Repeatedly lifting and pressing the lever handle can make the car rise continuously to achieve the purpose of lifting.
    3. 3. Vehicle falling process
      When the big piston needs to return downwards, open the drain valve (rotate 90°), then under the action of the weight of the car, the oil in the hydraulic cylinder (oil cavity) will flow back to the oil tank, and the big piston will drop to its original position.

    The working principle of the hydraulic jack is: Oil is used as the working medium, the movement is transmitted through the change of the sealing volume, and the power is transmitted through the internal pressure of the oil. The hydraulic transmission device is essentially an energy conversion device.

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    Pbrf | 1/11/2021 6:32 AM
    Value for money hydraulic bottle jack
    I lost the hydraulic bottle jack on my previous car. This is the first time I have bought a hydraulic bottle jack but I don't know how to buy it. The customer service staff have been answering my questions carefully. The logistics is very fast. The hydraulic bottle jack I received matches the photo. I like this hydraulic bottle jack very much.