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    20 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack, Low Profile

    20 ton heavy duty bottle jack for wholesale, CE/ GS/ TUV certification, two structures for selection, normal structure with net weight 9.9kg, lift range 235-440mm, lift height 145mm and adjustabel height 60mm, low profile structure with net weight 9.2kg, lift range 185-345mm, lift height 100mm and adjustabel height 60mm.
    SKU: T-HBJ-20T
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    20 ton hydraulic bottle jack, solid steel structure, optional lift height 145mm/100mm, CE/ GS/ TUV certification.


    Model T-HBJ-E0520-1 T-HBJ-E0220S
    Weight 9.9kg 9.2kg
    Maximum capacity 20 ton 20 ton
    Number of ram Single Single
    Minimum height 235mm 185mm
    Maximum height 440mm 345mm
    Adjustable height 60mm 60mm
    Lift height * 145mm 100mm
    Material Steel Steel
    Certification CE, GS, TUV CE, GS, TUV
    Packing included 1 * bottle jack
    2 * safety bar
    1 * tool box
    1 * bottle jack
    2 * safety bar
    1 * tool box

    Tips: How to ensure safety when using bottle jacks?

    1. The bottle jack should be wiped clean before use, and the parts should be checked for flexibility and damage. Do not remove the quick connector when there is a load to avoid accidents and damage to the parts.
    2. When using a bottle jack, first try to lift a little height for heavy object, carefully check that the bottle jack is normal, and then continue to lift the heavy object. If the backing plate is found to be uneven or weak or the bottle jack is tilted after being compressed, the bottle jack must be decompressed and returned, and it can be operated again after timely handling.
    3. During the lifting process, safety sleepers should be laid under the bottle jacks in time as the weights continue to rise to prevent accidents caused by the tilting of the bottle jacks or the sudden drop of the pistons. When falling off the heavy objects, gradually pull out the sleepers. The distance between the sleeper and heavy objects must not exceed the thickness of a sleeper to prevent accidents.
    4. If the lifting height of the heavy object needs to exceed the rated height of the bottle jack, you need to put the sleepers under the heavy object lifted by the bottle jack, lower the bottle jack, raise its bottom, and repeat the lifting until the required lifting height.
    5. If only one bottle jack is used to lift one end of the heavy object, the bottle jack should be placed on the axis of symmetry of the heavy object, and the direction of the length of the bottle jack base should be consistent with the direction in which the weight is easy to fall. If two bottle jacks are used at one end of the heavy object, the direction of the base should be slightly symmetrical and placed on both sides of the axis of symmetry of the object.
    6. When two or more bottle jacks are used for lifting operations at the same time, they must have same lifting operation simultaneously.
    7. The bottle jack should be stored in a dry and dust-free place. It is not suitable for use in workplaces with acid, alkali, corrosive gas, and should not be placed outdoors in the sun and rain! Strictly abide by the technical specifications during operation, and users need to check and maintain them regularly according to the usage.
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    Myles | 10/20/2021 8:58 AM
    Delivery scope of 20 ton hydraulic bottle jack
    Can this 20 ton hydraulic bottle jack be sent to Switzerland for free?
    A manager responded to this review
    Yes, it can be delivered for free.