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    11 Gallons Air Grease Pump

    Buy 11 gallons air grease pump at affordable price. 50:1 pump ratio, 88-116psi air pressure, 0.2gal/ min delivery rate, 4351-5802psi grease output pressure. It is a great pneumatic grease pump with a built-in silencer valve. You can put a 40L butter bucket directly into it to avoid frequent grease filling.
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    Cheap air operated grease pump for sale. 40L/ 11gal maximum capacity, 345x820mm drum. High pressure, high power air grease pump. Fast work and long service life.


    Model T-11GP
    Pump Ratio 50:1
    Air Pressure 88-116psi
    Delivery Rate 0.2gal/ min
    Grease Output Pressure 4351-5802psi
    Capacity 40L/ 11gal
    Drum Diameter 345mm
    Drum Height 820mm
    Net Weight 16.7kg
    Package Included

    1*11 Gallons Air Grease Pump

    1*Universal Grease Gun

    1*4m Explosion-proof Grease Hose


    Details of 11 gallons air grease pump

    11 gallons air grease pump details

    Tips: Troubleshooting of 11 gal air operated grease pump

    Problems Causes Solutions
    The grease gun leaks oil. The sealing element of the air grease pump are worn or damaged. Replace with a new sealing element.
    The output oil pressure of the pneumatic grease pump is insufficient.
    1. The output pipe is blocked and the oil is not flowing smoothly.
    2. The oil passage in the grease gun is partially blocked.
    3. Foreign matter is stuck in the check valve inside the plunger rod, or there is foreign matter between the check valve and the oil inlet valve.
    1. Disassemble the grease gun, clean and dredge the blocked part.
    2. Disassemble and adjust the grease gun, and tighten the screws.
    3. Remove the plunger rod, clean and dredge. Remove inlet valve seat for inspection and removal of foreign matter.
    The oil is also discharged during exhaust. Oil leaking from U-shaped sealing ring. Replace with a new U-shaped sealing ring.
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    Nadine | 11/8/2021 8:35 AM
    High quality 11 gallon air grease pump
    I am very fortunate that I bought this 11 gallon air grease pump from It is durable and has been used for a long time without any damage. I really like it.