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    8 Gallons Air Grease Pump

    Economical price pneumatic grease pump for sale. Large capacity storage oil barrel of 30L/ 8 US gal. Buckles on both sides of the barrel are specially designed to ensure excellent sealing performance. The pressure gauge with precise scales shows real-time conditions. The pressure regulator can effectively adjust the pressure according to the actual situation.
    SKU: T-OW-011
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    Best portable grease pump for 8 gallons bucket. 50:1 pump ratio, 73-145psi air pressure, 0.2gal/ min delivery rate, 34mm stroke. Can help input the grease to various equipment such as cars, airplanes or trucks through the air grease gun.


    Model T-OW-011
    Pump Ratio 50:1
    Air Pressure 73-145psi
    Delivery Rate 0.2gal/ min
    Grease Output Pressure 3626-7252psi
    Capacity 30L/ 8gal
    Stroke 34mm
    Air Cylinder Diameter 70mm
    Drum Height 390mm
    Net Weight 18.8kg
    Package Included

    1*4 Gallons Air Grease Pump

    1*Universal Grease Gun

    1*4m Grease Hose


    Details of 8 gallons air grease pumpDetails of 8 gallons air grease pump

    Using tips of pneumatic grease pump

    With the rising status of lubricating grease in the machinery industry, air grease pumps have received extensive attention and applications. In the daily use, improper operation will result in unsatisfactory oil filling effect of the air operated grease pump. In order to ensure the normal operation of the grease pump pneumatic, the following are the matters needing attention when using the air grease pump:

    • The compressed air used by the air powered grease pump should be filtered to prevent dirt from entering the air pump and wearing the air distribution slider and the parts of the cylinder.
    • It is strictly forbidden to use flammable gas as the power of the pneumatic grease machine. The pressure of using compressed air should not exceed 116psi.
    • Avoid overloading the air pressure grease pump equipment.
    • The high-pressure grease hose is not allowed to be bent strongly and dragged on the ground during use, otherwise it will affect the service life.
    • When the portable grease pump is not working, remove the air quick-change connector and pull the trigger of the grease gun to reduce the oil pressure in the equipment to avoid long-term pressure on the high-pressure air hose.
    • The air pump part needs to be lubricated regularly.
    • In the process of disassembling, repairing and assembling the air grease pump, attention must be paid to the accuracy of the folded parts, and do not touch or crush them.
    • Do not let the air powered grease pump do no-load reciprocating motion for a long time to avoid dry friction and affect the service life.
    • Do the cleaning and maintenance work of the grease pump pneumatic at ordinary times, and often clean the entire oil passage system.
    • Fold the oiling gun off the nozzle, circulate it with clean engine oil several times to flush the dirt in the pipe, and clean the oil storage barrel frequently to keep the barrel clean.
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    Paul | 12/14/2020 2:03 AM
    Air grease pump for easy lubrication
    Some parts of the car in the car factory are rusted and need lubricant to be lubricated. This air grease pump is the most suitable. There are specially designed buckles on both sides of the barrel to ensure excellent sealing performance. Grease is input to various equipment.