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    5 Gallons Air Grease Pump

    Wholesale price air operated grease pump online. 20L/ 5gal large capacity, can avoid frequent pouring. 50:1 pump ratio, 87-116psi air pressure, 0.2gal/min delivery rate, 4351-5802psi grease output pressure. Sealed air powered grease pump, efficient operation without oil leakage.
    SKU: T-5GP
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    Portable grease pump for sale online, is an essential professional equipment of the mechanization of grease injection, widely applicable to automobile industry, shipbuilding industry, engineering machinery, chemical industry, etc.


    Model T-5GP
    Pump Ratio 50:1
    Air Pressure 87-116psi
    Delivery Rate 0.2gal/ min
    Grease Output Pressure 4351-5802psi
    Capacity 20L/ 5gal
    Net Weight 16.2kg
    Package Size 450*450*850mm
    Package Included

    1*5 Gallons Air Grease Pump

    1*Universal Grease Gun

    1*4m Grease Hose

    1*Pressure Gauge

    1*9m Air Hose



    Details of 5 gallons air grease pump


    Air grease pump applications

    Tips: What is the difference between an air grease pump machine and a gear pump?

    Grease pump pneumatic is an grease filling device with compressed air as the driving force. The air powered grease pump relies on the action of a pump to make the grease form high pressure and uses high pressure to fill the grease. Air operated grease pump is an indispensable grease filling equipment in the mechanized application of oil filling process. The characteristics of the drum grease pump are safety and reliability, small air consumption, high pressure, convenient use, and high efficiency, low work intensity, and can be filled with various types of lithium-based grease oil and other relatively high viscosity oils. Air grease pump is mainly used for filling grease in cars, rolling bearings, large tractors and other various transmission equipment.

    Gear pumps are mainly used to transport all kinds of lubricating liquids, the temperature is not higher than 75℃, and the viscosity is 5×10-5~1.5×10-3m2/S. Gear pumps are not suitable for transporting corrosive, hard particles or fibers, high volatility or low flash point liquids, such as gasoline and benzene.

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    Kehle | 2/1/2021 2:38 AM
    Good air grease pump
    My dad likes this air grease pump that I bought from It has a very good seal and will not leak no matter how you operate it. And it can run efficiently and improve my work efficiency.