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    12 FT Fruit Picker with Pole

    Long handled fruit picker with pole, it can be extended to 12 FT, fruit picker tool makes it very easy to pick apples, fruit picking basket can accommodate multiple apples at the same time, thereby improving picking efficiency.
    SKU: T-FP-12
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    The fruit picking basket pole extends to 12 foot, with bag, telescopic fruit picker can be disassembled and easy to install.


    Model T-FP-12
    Product Name Fruit picker tool
    Fruit Picker Material A3 Iron wire
    Fruit Picker Pole Material Stainless steel pole
    Application Picking apple, mango, orange, lemon, cherry, pear, blueberry and other fruits
    Weight 1.83 kg
    Warranty 24 Months


    Fruit picker dimension

    How to install the fruit picker?

    How to install the fruit picker

    Step 1: Close the fruit basket.
    Step 2: Put on the buckle.
    Step 3: Put in the extension tube and tighten the buckle.
    Step 4: Tighten the extension tube and the installation is complete.


    Picker tool application
    Tips: How to pick apples?

    1. Look at the weather conditions. In the case of dew, fog, and raindrops during the fruit picking period, the fruit is easy to rot and cannot be stored, so pick the fruit on a sunny day. When forced to pick fruit in rainy or foggy days, the harvested fruit must be dried in a ventilated place.

    2. Pick fruit in order. When picking, first pick the outer and upper fruits of the crown, and then pick the fruits from the lower and inner chambers, and pick them one by one to prevent missed picking. When picking fruits, use ladders and stools as much as possible, and use less trees to protect the branches and leaves, and the fruits are not bruised or trampled.

    3. It is necessary to harvest in stages and batches to improve the commodity uniformity of the fruit. The harvest task is usually completed in 2 to 3 batches. The first batch is to pick the upper part of the crown, the outer color is good, and the fruit is large; the second batch is carried out 5-7 days later, the same color is selected, the fruit is large, and the tree is harvested in 5-7 days All the remaining fruits are picked. Generally, the first two batches account for 70% to 80% of the tree, and the last batch accounts for 20% to 30%.

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    Nan | 10/28/2020 2:44 AM
    Fruit picking machine is perfect for picking fruits
    This fruit picking machine bought from is different from the one I bought before. The fruit picking machine I bought before is easy to scratch the fruit, and the fruit is easy to fall on the ground and break and cannot keep the fruit intact. And the picking rods of this fruit picking machine are surrounded by a net-like structure, so that the fruit will not fall to the ground and keep the fruit fresh.