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    8 FT Fruit Picker with Pole

    Low cost fruit picker basket with pole, 8 foot fruit picker is used for picking fresh fruits overhead, fruit picking basket is deep and the picking efficiency is high. Ideal for picking apples, pears, mangoes and oranges.
    SKU: T-FP-8
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    8 FT long reach fruit picker for sale, with pole, ideal for picking fresh fruits overhead, there are protective pads in the basket to prevent bruising of fresh fruits.


    Model T-FP-8
    Product Name Fruit picker tool
    Fruit Picker Material A3 Iron wire
    Fruit Picker Pole Material Stainless steel pole
    Application Picking apple, mango, orange, lemon, cherry, pear, blueberry and other fruits
    Weight 1.50 kg
    Warranty 24 Months


    Fruit picker dimension

    How to install the fruit picker?

    How to install the fruit picker

    Step 1: Close the fruit basket.
    Step 2: Put on the buckle.
    Step 3: Put in the extension tube and tighten the buckle.
    Step 4: Tighten the extension tube and the installation is complete.


    Picker tool application
    Tips: How to make make a fruit pickers?
    1. Prepare a plastic bottle, a knife and some rope.
    2. Draw a mark similar to the "W" shape in the picture on the side of the plastic sheet, and cut the marked part with a knife.

    Make a fruit picker
    3. As long as you hold the branch with both hands, and gently pull the gap on the plastic bottle against the fruit, the fruit on the tree will be picked off and stored in the plastic bottle.

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    Mark | 9/27/2020 2:21 AM
    Sturdy fruit picking tool
    When I received this fruit picking tool, I didn’t use it because I needed to deal with some things. I only used it after a few days. Because of the good results, I gave it five-star. There is a protective pad in the picking basket. It is not used when picking fresh fruits. Worrying about it will bruise it and keep the freshness of the fruit to the greatest extent possible. I like this fruit picking machine very much.