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    12V Car Vacuum Cleaner, 5000Pa, 120W

    12 volt car vacuum cleaner with wholesale price, features high 5000Pa vacuum degree, high rated speed 38000rpm, a 4.5m length cigar lighter cable, more easy to suck various dry and wet rubbish, such as dust, hair, crumbs, dust, hair, cigarette butts, cigarette ashes, granules, milk, water, etc.
    SKU: T-CVCL-D2
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    Portable DC 12V vacuum cleaner with 4.5m cable equipts a washable HEPA filter, a hairbrush nozzle, a flat nozzle and an extended hose. The best selection for every car owner.


    Model T-ST-6608-2
    Shipping weight 0.8k
    Length 37cm
    Nozzle width 7.7cm
    Color Black, white
    Vacuum degree 5000Pa
    Working voltage 12V
    Rated power of motor 120W
    Rated speed of motor 38000rpm
    Cigarette light cable length 4.5m
    Working time Continuous working time can't exceed 30 minutes.
    Function Cleaning any dry/wet rubbish, such as crumbs, cigarette butts, cigarette ashes, dust, hair, granules, liquids, etc.
    Packing size 365*115*125mm
    Pack included 1 * vacuum cleaner
    1 * hose
    1 * nozzle set
    1 * HEPA filter (inside the cleaner)

    Tips: How to maintain a car vacuum cleaner?

    1. For the first time using car vacuum cleaner, make sure that the HEPA filter is installed correctly.
    2. When connecting car vacuum cleaner, pay attention to the gentle plugging action to avoid damaging the cigarette lighter.
    3. After finishing operation, disconnect the power supply first, and then take out the HEPA filter from the vacuum cleaner according to the requirements in the manual.
    4. Clean up the dust and debris on the filter or in the dust canister.
    5. Use a damp soft cloth to wipe off the dust attached to the inner wall of the vacuum cleaner.
    6. Reinstall the filter or dust bag back to its original position.
    7. Reassemble the car vacuum cleaner.
    8. Use clean water and soft cloth to wipe clean the housing of the vacuum cleaner.
    9. Pay attention to the protection of the switch and power supply when wiping the shell.
    10. Check the integrity of power plugs and wires, and eliminate hidden dangers such as damage.
    11. Refold the power cord to avoid permanent bends when folding, to prevent the wires from being damaged or prematurely aging.
    12. Repack the processed car vacuum cleaner into the product packaging.
    13. It is recommended to place the car vacuum cleaner in a dry place without direct sunlight, such as at home or in the trunk, to facilitate the next use.
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    Hunter | 1/7/2021 3:39 AM
    Car vacuum cleaner that is easy to clean the car
    My car is usually easy to get dirty. When getting in and out of the car, there will always be sand or dirt in my shoes, which is difficult to clean up, and it gets worse when it rains. I bought a car vacuum cleaner. It has a strong suction power and cleaned the car in a short while.