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    AC 220V/1400W Automotive Vacuum Cleaner, 20kPa, 25L

    Low price movable automotive vacuum cleaner for sale, 20kPa vacuum degree, rated power 1400W, AC 220V/50Hz power supply from home or car wash shop, 4m power cable & 2.5m hose, 25L (6 gallon) dust bucket capacity, 3 functions: dry rubbish cleaning, wet rubbish cleaning and blow-drying.
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    220VAC automotive vacuum cleaner has a 25L stainless steel dust bucket & a filter inside, a 2.5m hose, a hairbrush nozzle, a flat nozzle, 2 360-degree universal wheels and 2 rollers. It is a efficient car wash tools for 4S shop.


    Model T-UH-85-25L
    Shipping weight 10kg
    Color Blue, yellow, red, orange
    Vacuum degree 20kPa
    Working voltage 220VAC/50Hz
    Rated power 1400W
    Noise <80dB
    Power cable length 4m
    Bucket capacity 25L
    Bucket material Stainless steel
    Hose length 2.5m
    Working time >1000h, continuous working time can't exceed 2.5h, stop work for 15 minutes before next continuous working time.
    Function Cleaning any dry/wet rubbish, such as crumbs, cigarette butts, cigarette ashes, dust, hair, granules, liquids, etc.
    Blow-drying ground and blowing away dust from cracks.
    Packing size 40*40*67cm
    Pack included 1 * vacuum cleaner
    1 * hose
    1 * nozzle set
    1 * filter (inside the cleaner)

    Tips: How does an automotive vacuum cleaner work?
    The automotive vacuum cleaners for car wash shops are not the same as the general handheld car vacuum cleaners. They are more like household vertical vacuum cleaners, but with a larger volume and dust canister capacity. But the operation method and the choice of nozzle are the same. The motor of automotive vacuum cleaner is a copper core motor with a high power of 1400W and a service life of more than 1000 hours. In addition to the large-scale filter with high efficiency dust isolation, a filter is added at the air outlet, which can not only perform secondary filtration, but also effectively block noise. The dust collection bucket has a optional capacity of 25L/30L and is made of stainless steel. The joint between the EVA hose and the body has a sealed design to ensure that dust will not leak out. The top switch has a waterproof design. The bottom is a combination of 2 universal wheels and 2 large rubber wheels, which is convenient to move without running around.

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    Daveo | 1/19/2022 8:00 AM
    Good automotive vacuum cleaner
    The automotive vacuum cleaner is very easy to use, and the suction power can save a lot of effort, which is very good. It is very suitable for car owners who have children at home and who love cleanliness. Recommended to buy.