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    13 Piece Torx Bit Socket Set

    6-point torx bit socket set with abrasive blasting surface treatment of bit, chrome-vanadium steel material, 7-piece 1/4" metric torx bit sockets, 5-piece 3/8" metric torx bit sockets, 1-piece 1/2" metric torx bit sockets, bit socket length 37mm/ 48mm/ 55mm.
    SKU: T-TBSS-13PC
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    13-piece 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" torx bit socket set, chrome-vanadium steel material, abrasive blasting surface treatment of bit.


    Model T-DT19015T
    Shipping weight 0.55kg
    Size 190*135*39mm
    Total number of pieces 13
    Material Chrome-vanadium steel
    Surface treatment of bit Abrasive blasting
    Measurement standard Metric
    Drive size 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch
    Bit socket length 37mm, 48mm, 55mm
    Package included 1) 7-piece 1/4" metric torx bit sockets: T8-T10-T15-T20-T25-T27-T30
    2) 5-piece 3/8" metric torx bit sockets: T40-T45-T47-T50-T55
    3) 1-piece 1/2" metric torx bit sockets: T60
    4) 1 * tool box

    Tips: What is the torx bit socket?
    The torx bit socket is used with the matching handle to form a variety of screwdrivers or hex key wrenches, which are used to remove bolts with special-shaped bolt heads or small screws with larger torque. The difference between a torx bit socket and a torx socket is that the torx bit socket is used for screws and the torx socket is used for bolts or nuts. In the size indication, the torx bit socket is "T". The torx socket is "E". And then the followed number is the inner diameter.
    When using a screwdriver to fasten a flat or cross screw, it is prone to floating up and the pinching force is limited. With the development of automobile manufacturing technology, more and more internal six-spline bolts are used in automobiles. These types of bolts are used for the headless screws on the transmission pulleys, the oil-proof bolts of the transmission, and the fastening bolts of the piston rod of the shock absorber. If want to remove this kind of bolt, the torx bit socket should be used.
    The bit socket and different handles will make different roles. A ratchet can be used for quick screwing, or an extension rod can be connected for longer operation length, and a larger torque can be applied to screws that cannot be screwed by ordinary screwdrivers.

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