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    7 Piece Long Hex Bit Socket Set

    7-piece long hex bit socket set with drive size 3/8", long length 110mm, bit diameter from 3mm to 10mm, chrome-vanadium steel material, abrasive blasting surface treatment of bit, for accessing hard to reach areas that conventional bits cannot reach.
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    7-piece 3/8" long hex bit socket set, long length 110mm, bit diameter 3-4-5-6-7-8-10mm, for accessing hard to reach areas.


    Model T-DT190H7
    Shipping weight 0.6kg
    Size 217*110*44mm
    Total number of pieces 7
    Material Chrome-vanadium steel
    Surface treatment of bit Abrasive blasting
    Measurement standard Metric
    Drive size 3/8 inch
    Bit socket length 110mm
    Package included 1) 7-piece 3/8" metric long hex bit sockets: 3-4-5-6-7-8-10mm
    2) 1 * tool box

    Tips: Chrome-vanadium steel and S2 alloy tool steel, which is better for automotive bit socket?
    The heat treatment hardness interval value of S2 alloy tool steel is HRC58-62, while the heat treatment hardness interval value of chrome-vanadium steel is HRC48-52.
    The content of vanadium and molybdenum in S2 alloy tool steel is higher than that of chromium-vanadium steel, and its strength and toughness are better than those of chromium-vanadium steel. The higher the vanadium content, the better the toughness. The higher the molybdenum content, the better the hardness/strength. Comparing the two materials, Cr-V has the better hardness. If they are applied to tool steel, because tool steel generally requires impact resistance, strong torsion, high hardness and small stress, S2 has more advantages. In actual use, the main problem of the bit sockets is the wear of the bit head, which leads to the phenomenon of slippage of the screw, and also causes wear and loss. This indicates that the strength of the head of the bit socket should be increased, that is to say, the required hardness of material is relatively high. Therefore, choose S2 alloy tool steel is stronger and more durable for automotive bit socket.

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