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    1300 Yards Golf/Hunting Laser Rangefinder

    Reasonable price laser rangefinder for golf sport, outdoor hunting or construction project. Precision distance measure up to 1300 yards, 6X magnification, provides fast measurement with 1 yard accuracy. Features golf scan mode, distance/ height/ angle measuring functions.
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    Multi-functional 1300 yards golf/hunting laser rangefinder measuring tool for sale, with 6X magnification and a 24mm objective lens, dual battery source, LCD display for easy reading, suitable for golf, hunting, speed measuring and other outdoor activities measurement.


    Model T-D1200
    Distance Measuring Range 1300 Yard
    Measuring Accuracy ±1 Yard
    Display LCD
    Magnification 6X
    Objiective Lens 24mm
    Focus Way Eyepiece focus
    Operating Temperature -10℃-50℃
    Laser Type 905nm, FDA Class 1
    Measuring Mode 1. Distance measure
    2. Height measure
    3. Angle measure
    4. Scan mode
    5. Flag mode
    Power CR-2 battery 3V
    Size L*H*T=103*74*41mm
    Weight 200g


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    Tips: Principle of 1300 yards golf/hunting laser rangefinder

    The 1300 yards golf/hunting laser rangefinder uses the principle of laser distance measurement. 1300 yards Laser ranging machine (ie, electromagnetic waves with a speed of 300,000 km/s) emits a laser beam to the measured object, receives the reflected wave of the laser beam, and records the time difference to determine the distance between the measured object and the test point. 1300 yards laser rangefinder is to measure the measured object twice with a specific time interval, and obtain the moving distance of the measured object in the period of time, thereby obtaining the moving speed of the measured object. The 1300 yards laser rangefinder is light in weight, small in size, easy to operate and fast, and the measurement results are accurate. The error is only one-fifth to one hundredth of other optical rangefinders.

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    Stephen | 2/20/2021 6:05 AM
    Golf laser rangefinder with accurate measurement results
    This laser rangefinder is very good, with fast measurement speed and accurate measurement results. I went to the golf course to use it the day before I received the goods. The LCD display is easy to read. I like to use it when playing golf. I sincerely recommend it to friends who like to play golf.