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    14.4 Volt Cordless Grease Gun, 7500 PSI

    Low cost 7500 PSI cordless grease gun, DC 14.4 volt working voltage, 4A working current, 14.5oz (0.5kg) grease storage capacity and 3.0oz@1000 PSI grease pump capacity. 14.4V electric cordless grease gun with 1700mAh NiMH rechargeable battery can continuous pump grease 1800cc ~ 2700cc.
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    14.4V cordless grease gun with capacity 14.5oz (0.5kg), safe working pressure 7500 PSI, can continuous pumping grease 1800cc~2700cc.

    Application: Cordless grease gun can be used for all types of vehicles that need to fill grease, such as bus, truck, trailer, various engineering vehicles, etc.


    Basic Model T-LG1440
    Shipping weight 4kg
    Packing included 1 * grease gun
    1 * battery charger
    2 * battery
    1 * user manual
    1 * plastic tool box
    Warranty 12 months
    Grease gun Capacity 14.5oz (0.5kg)
    Safe working pressure 7500 PSI
    Grease pump capacity 3.0oz@1000 PSI
    Material of gun body Alloy steel
    Working voltage DC 14.4V
    Working current 4A
    Tube maximum pressure 12000 PSI
    Tube length 750mm
    Operation capacity Continuous pumping grease 1800cc ~ 2700cc
    Working temperature -18~+50℃ (-0.4~+122℉)
    Function LCD battery level display
    Lock/unlock function
    Using 3 different kinds of vent valves to make sure grease runs smoothly 
    Over-current protection
    Battery charger AC input voltage AC 220V, 50Hz
    DC output voltage DC 14.4V
    Battery Output voltage DC 14.4V
    Battery type NiMH battery
    Battery capacity 1700mAh
    Charging time 1-1.5h, cannot exceed 3h

    Tips: Why choose a cordless grease gun to grease the engineering vehicle?
    As we all know, the maintenance of engineering vehicles (excavators, bulldozers, and loaders) is very important. In particular, the lubrication of machinery worth millions and tens of millions is particularly important. The maintenance cost of mechanical parts damage caused by insufficient lubrication or improper lubrication is very high, so it is very important to choose the lubrication tool when greasing the excavator, need to ensure smooth greasing, proper greasing pressure, and full greasing.
    Grease gun is such a special lubricating tool for greasing engineering vehicle. There are 3 types of grease guns: pneumatic grease gun, manual grease gun and cordless grease gun. So which grease gun should we choose?

    1. Pneumatic grease gun
      Pneumatic grease guns can only be used where there is an air source. Many users express the pressure from the air source is insufficient, which directly affects the grease pressure. In addition, pneumatic grease guns often fail to produce grease during use, because of air bubbles and blocking.
    2. Manual grease gun
      The manual grease gun uses a pressure rod to inject the grease into the lubricating part. The labor intensity of the workers is high, and they are easy to fatigue, which seriously affects the work efficiency. In hot summer or cold winter, it is more troublesome to operate. And due to inertia, manual grease guns may not be able to fill the machine.
    3. Cordless grease gun
      The cordless grease gun is a fully automatic, battery-powered grease gun. It is developed from the manual grease gun and is an innovative and upgraded product of the grease gun. Its advantages are: portable structure, high grease output pressure, stable grease output, automatic exhaust, saving time and effort, and filling the equipment easily.

    Although the cost of cordless grease guns is slightly higher, it can be the most cost-effective choice in the long run.

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