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    18V Cordless Grease Gun, 8500 PSI

    Inexpensive 18VDC 8500 PSI cordless grease gun for wholesale. Cordlles grease gun features a 750mm length tube, 3 different kinds of vent valves, a rechargeable battery, a LCD barrery level display and a lock/unlock key to make grease pump more safer. 8500 PSI electric grease gun tool box also includes 2 batteries and 1 battery charger.
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    18V cordless grease gun with capacity 14.5oz (0.5kg), safe working pressure 8500 PSI, can continuous pumping grease 2700cc~3600cc.

    Application: Cordless grease gun can be used for all types of vehicles that need to fill grease, such as bus, truck, trailer, various engineering vehicles, etc.


    Basic Model T-LG1800
    Shipping weight 4kg
    Packing included 1 * grease gun
    1 * battery charger
    2 * battery
    1 * user manual
    1 * plastic tool box
    Warranty 12 months
    Grease gun Capacity 14.5oz (0.5kg)
    Safe working pressure 8500 PSI
    Grease pump capacity 3.2oz@1000 PSI
    Material of gun body Alloy steel
    Working voltage DC 18V
    Working current 4A
    Tube maximum pressure 10000 PSI
    Tube length 750mm
    Operation capacity Continuous pumping grease 2700cc ~ 3600cc
    Working temperature -18~+50℃ (-0.4~+122℉)
    Function LCD battery level display
    Lock/unlock function
    Using 3 different kinds of vent valves to make sure grease runs smoothly 
    Over-current protection
    Battery charger AC input voltage AC 90~230V, 50/60Hz
    DC output voltage DC 18V
    Battery Output voltage DC 18V
    Battery type Lithium battery
    Battery capacity 2000mAh
    Charging time 1-1.5h, cannot exceed 3h

    Tips: Functions of cordless grease gun
    Compared with the manual grease gun, the cordless grease gun adds a lot of special functions in addition to the battery power device.

    1. LCD battery level display
      LCD display can clearly show the remaining battery power to remind users when to charge.
    2. Vent valve
      Before operation, adjust the vent valve to exhaust the air and bubbles in the cordless grease gun, which makes grease gun work more fast and stable.
    3. Safety valve
      When the pressure is too high during the operation, it will damage the motor, the battery, and even the tube bursts. The safety valve will adjust the pressure and relieve the pressure by itself, without manual pressure adjustment.
    4. Grease release valve
      In the process of operation, if the grease is not discharged normally, the release valve can be adjusted. And then the air bubbles and grease will be discharged together and normal operation can be restored.
    5. Self-locking device
      When the cordless grease gun is not in use, adjust the switch to the LOCK position to prevent accidental touch and start the grease gun, causing accidents such as grease injection.
    6. High-pressure tube
      The tube of the 18V cordless grease gun has an ultra-high maximum pressure value of 10000PSI, and explosion-proof springs at both ends ensure the safety of the operator.
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    Brown | 6/16/2021 2:09 AM
    Items included in the 18V cordless grease gun
    Does this 18V cordless grease gun come with case, battery, and charger?
    A manager responded to this review
    Yes, the 18V cordless grease gun appeals to these items you mentioned.