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    14 Piece Radiator Pressure Tester Kit

    Universal 14 piece radiator pressure tester kit contains a testing pump with pressure gauge, a temperature gauge and 12 aluminum adapters, special for radiator pressure test, radiator leak detection and radiator core tube blockage inspection.
    SKU: T-CPT-14PC
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    Portable 14 piece radiator pressure tester kit is a universal automotive tool kit for most of the auto radiators inspection. The thickened funnel and threaded design can ensure a tight connection, making the pressure test faster and more accurate.


    Model T-ST9044
    Shipping weight 4.5kg
    Size 500*310*80mm
    Total number of pieces 14
    Maximum pressure 100Psi (6.9bar)
    Minimum pressure 80Psi (5.5bar)
    Applicable vehicles Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen, JARUAR
    Package included 1 * testing pump with pressure gauge
    1 * temperature gauge
    12 * aluminum adapters
    1 * tool box

    Tips: How to test the automotive radiator?

    1. Radiator leak detection.
      • Check the radiator directly in the car.
        Block the water inlet and outlet pipes of the radiator with inflatable rubber plugs, and add water to the radiator till 10-20mm height below the water inlet. Use the special testing pump to put 0.8kPa pressure from the water inlet to the radiator manually, and the indicated pressure on the pressure gauge should not drop within 5 minutes, otherwise it means the radiator is leaking.
      • Check the radiator separately.
        After removing the radiator, plug the water inlet and outlet pipes with inflatable rubber plugs. Fill the radiator with 30~80kPa compressed air from the water inlet, and immerse the radiator in the sink. If bubbles come out, it indicates that the radiator is leaking.
    2. Check whether the radiator core tube is blocked.
      Add hot water into the radiator from the water inlet and touch the temperature of the core tube of the radiator with hands. If there is a part where the temperature does not rise, it means that the core tube of the radiator is blocked.
      Another method is to remove the upper water storage chamber, and then check with the special cleaning rod which is made according to the core tube size and cross-sectional shape. All the core tubes are not allowed to be blocked. If some part in the middle really can't be unblocked. The core tubes quantity allowed to be blocked are no more than 2. If the radiator core tube is squashed or the cleaning rod cannot pass, the core tube should be replaced.
    3. Inspection of radiator cover.
      Use the special testing pump to pressurize the radiator cover. When the readings of the pressure gauge suddenly drops, it means that the steam release valve is open. The opening pressure of the steam release valve should meet the requirements, for example, the pressure value of CA6110 diesel engine is 29.42kPa.
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    Bakker | 11/25/2021 7:56 AM
    Application field of 14-piece radiator pressure tester kit
    Can this 14-piece radiator pressure tester kit be used for trucks?
    A manager responded to this review
    No, it can only be used in cars.