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    6 Piece Timing Tool Kit, VW/Audi, 1.4/1.4T/1.6

    Best 6 piece timing belt tool kit special for 1.4, 1.4T and 1.6 engine volkswagen EA211, contains 2 camshaft locking tools, a gear locking tool, a belt tensioner tool, a bolt and a wrench, suitable for vehicles of VW POLO, Golf, Lavida, Magotan, Passat, Sagitar and Aodi A1/ A3/ Q2L/ Q3.
    SKU: T-TTK-6PC
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    Portable timing tool kit is used for removing VW EA211 engine belt and timing the engine. It has high precision, good stability and fine polishing.


    Model T-ST4104
    Shipping weight 2.3kg
    Size 390*210*65mm
    Total number of pieces 6
    Material Carbon steel
    Applicable engine Volkswagen EA211 (after 2013)
    Applicable vehicles 1) VW: POLO, Bora, Golf, New-Beetle, Jetta, Lavida, Gran Lavida, Cross Lavida, Magotan, Passat, Santana, Sagitar, T-Roc, Tayron, Touran, Tiguan, Tharu, C-Trek, Sharan
    2) Aodi: A1, A3, Q2L, Q3
    Package included 1) Camshaft locking tool, 1.4/1.6
    2) Camshaft locking tool, 1.4T
    3) Crankshaft positioning bolt
    4) Timing gear locking tool
    5) Timing belt tensioner tool
    6) Belt tensioner wrench
    7) 1 * tool box

    Tips: VW Timing belt of EA211 engine removal steps

    I. Find the top dead center of one cylinder
    The method of turning the crankshaft to the top dead center position:

    1. Screw the locking bolt used to seal the top dead center hole of the cylinder block, and turn the crankshaft clockwise to make the crankshaft turn about 270 degrees past the top dead center of one cylinder.
    2. Screw the crankshaft positioning bolt to the cylinder block with a torque of 30Nm and screw it to the end. Rotate the crankshaft in a clockwise direction to the limit position.
    3. The crankshaft positioning bolt is pressed on the side wall of the crankshaft, which can only lock the crankshaft at the top dead center position in the direction of engine rotation.

    II. Important procedures and precautions for removing timing belt

    1. Use the camshaft locking tool to position the crankshaft at the top dead center position. The camshaft should also be at the top dead center.
      Inspection method: At the rear end of the intake and exhaust camshafts, the asymmetrical slot must be located above the horizontal center line passing the center of the circle.
    2. Remove the crankshaft pulley, place the timing gear locking tool on the front end of the crankshaft timing pulley, and use the timing belt tensioner tool and the crankshaft timing pulley to prevent the crankshaft timing pulley from misaligning.
    3. Remove the front crankshaft cover, camshaft cover and middle cover in front of the timing belt.
    4. Remove the cover at the rear of the camshaft and the water pump.
    5. When the camshaft is at the top dead center, that is, the asymmetrical slot at the back end of the camshaft is located above the horizontal center line passing the center of the circle, install the camshaft locking tool. It must be easily installed in the installation position and use the bolts tighten, so that the camshaft is fixed at the top dead center position.
      The camshaft locking tool cannot be installed by forcible impact. Otherwise the parts will be damaged.
    6. Use the belt tensioner wrench to loosen the fixing bolt 1 of the intake camshaft pulley, and use the same method to loosen the fixing bolt of the exhaust camshaft pulley. Both bolts are loosened by one turn.
      Note that the reaction force of loosening the two bolts must be borne by the belt tensioner wrench, and the camshaft locking tool cannot be stressed, otherwise the tools and parts will be damaged.
    7. Loosen bolt 1, use a 300mm torx wrench or belt tensioner wrench to loosen the eccentric tensioner 2.
    8. Remove the toothed belt from the camshaft.
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    Savoie | 12/6/2021 8:09 AM
    Fast shipping
    I really need this 6-piece timing tool kit. I told the customer service of about my situation. He said that it could be delivered urgently, and I received it the next day after placing the order.