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    1500W Hydraulic Electric Pump, Single-Acting

    Hydraulic electric pump with single acting. High pressure 10000 psi, low pressure 1450 psi or 1015 psi, power supply 1500W/750W for selection, voltage 110V-380V, rotation speed 1400 rpm. Oil storage capacity 10L/7L for hydraulic oil ≤15#.
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    The hydraulic electric pump has a single-acting loop valve. It is driven by 1.5kW/0.75kW electric motor and power supply is single-phase 110V or 3-phase 380V.


    Model T-DB150-D1 T-HHB-700A
    High Pressure 10,000 psi (70Mpa) 10,000 psi (70Mpa)
    High Pressure Flow Rate 1.7L/min 0.9L/min
    Low Pressure 1450 psi (10Mpa) 1015 psi (7Mpa)
    Low Pressure Flow Rate 7.9L/min 5L/min
    Motor Power 1500W 750W
    Voltage 110V, 380V
    Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Speed 1400 rpm
    Oil Storage Capacity 10L 7L
    Oil Type ≤15# hydraulic oil
    Weight 42 kg 25 kg


    • The electric over hydraulic pump can be used with punch machine, cutting machine, bending machine, cylinder, pipe benders, hole digger, cable cutter, crimping tool, etc.
    • High & low pressure 2 sections for fast oil output, turbine bland oil absorption can reach the highest effective oil.

    Structure Diagram of Single-Acting Hydraulic Electric Pump

    Structure Diagram of 1500W/750W Hydraulic Electric Pump, 10000 psi

    Tips: Precautions for using single-acting hydraulic electric pump.

    1. Insert the plug into socket and connect to circuit.
    2. Correctly connect the pump, tube and external split tool, and tighten the quick connector by hand.
    3. Step on the foot control switch and start motor. Make the pressurized hydraulic oil pass through the delivery valve block, through the high-pressure oil pipe, and continue to flow to split tool until the corresponding operation (such as cutting) is completed or the rated pressure (such as crimping) is reached.
    4. When the motor has just started and is not loaded, the pointer rotates slightly. When the load starts, the pointer turns sharply and finally stops at 10000 psi (70Mpa), indicating that the surface has reached the rated pressure.
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