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    750W Hydraulic Electric Pump, 10000 psi

    Hydraulic electric pump with 10000 psi (70Mpa) working pressure. Power supply 750W, 110V-380V. High pressure flow rate 0.9L/min, speed 1400 rpm. Oil storage capacity 7L for hydraulic oil ≤15#. Single acting, low price.
    SKU: T-HEP-63A
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    Application: The hydraulic electric pump can be used with punch machine, cutting machine, bending machine, cylinder, pipe benders, hole digger, cable cutter, crimping tool, etc.


    Model T-DYB-63A
    High Pressure 10000 psi (70Mpa)
    High Pressure Flow Rate 0.9L/min
    Motor Power 750W
    Voltage 110V, 380V
    Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Speed 1400 rpm
    Oil Storage Capacity 7L
    Oil Type ≤15# hydraulic oil
    Weight 21.4 kg

    Structure Diagram of Hydraulic Electric Pump

    Structure Diagram of 10000 psi 750W Electric Hydraulic Pump, DYB-63A

    Dimension Drawing Hydraulic Electric Pump (Unit: mm)

    Dimension Drawing of 10000 psi 750W Electric Hydraulic Pump, DYB-63A

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