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    750W Hydraulic Electric Pump, 10000 psi

    Hydraulic electric pump with 10000 psi (70Mpa) working pressure. Power supply 750W, 110V-380V, high pressure flow rate 0.9L/min, speed 1400 rpm. Oil storage capacity 7L for hydraulic oil ≤15#. Single acting, low price.
    SKU: T-HEP-63A
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    The hydraulic electric pump has a single-acting loop valve, small size for portable use. The electric over hydraulic pump can be used with punch machine, cutting machine, bending machine, cylinder, pipe benders, hole digger, cable cutter, crimping tool, etc.


    Model T-DYB-63A
    High Pressure 10,000 psi (70Mpa)
    High Pressure Flow Rate 0.9L/min
    Motor Power 750W
    Voltage 110V, 380V
    Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Speed 1400 rpm
    Oil Storage Capacity 7L
    Oil Type ≤15# hydraulic oil
    Weight 21.4 kg

    Structure Diagram of Hydraulic Electric Pump

    Structure Diagram of 10000 psi 750W Electric Hydraulic Pump, DYB-63A

    Dimension Drawing of Hydraulic Electric Pump (Unit: mm)

    Dimension Drawing of 10000 psi 750W Electric Hydraulic Pump, DYB-63A

    Tips: Hydraulic electric pump troubleshooting.

    Malfunctions Causes Solutions
    Motor abnormal 1. Power supply fails Check power supply and switch
    2. Poor switch contact
    Pressure abnormal 1. High pressure overflow maladjustment 1. Adjust the high pressure relief valve to 70MPa
    2. Hydraulic oil leak 2. Check and repair, replace the sealing ring
    3. Plunger pair wear 3. Replace the plunger pair
    Insufficient flow 1. Seals is damaged 1. Replace the seals
    2. Improper selection of hydraulic oil 2. Replace the hydraulic oil according to instruction manual
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    Silvia | 10/27/2020 2:42 AM
    The electric hydraulic pump I always wanted
    This electric hydraulic pump is what I have always wanted. I am a worker who delivers hydraulic pressure. It has a fast speed and can improve my work efficiency. It is also compact and easy to carry and store. Just put it in the corner when not in use, and does not occupy your private space.