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    1.5kW Hydraulic Electric Pump, Double-Acting

    Hydraulic electric pump with double acting. 2-stage pressure, high pressure 10000 psi, flow rate 0.9L/1.7L/2.8L, low pressure 1015 or 1450 psi, flowrate 5L/7.9L/14L, optional power supply 0.75 kW/1.5kW/3kW, 110V/380V, speed 1400 rpm, oil storage capacity 7L/10L/30L.
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    The hydraulic pump is driven by an electric motor, it has double loop acting. Oil output in high and low pressure 2-stage, rated pressure is 10,000 psi. Power supply is single-phase 110V or 3-phase 380V.


    Model T-DB075-D2 T-DB150-D2 DB300-D2
    High Pressure 10,000 psi (70Mpa)
    High Pressure Flow Rate 0.9L/min 1.7L/min 2.8L/min
    Low Pressure 1015 psi (7Mpa) 1450 psi (10Mpa) 1450 psi (10Mpa)
    Low Pressure Flow Rate 5L/min 7.9L/min 14L/min
    Motor Power 0.75kW 1.5kW 3kW
    Voltage 110V, 380V
    Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Speed 1400 rpm
    Oil Storage Capacity 7L 10L 30L
    Oil Type ≤15# hydraulic oil ≤15# hydraulic oil 15#-46# antiwear hydraulic oil
    Weight 32 kg 40 kg 42 kg


    • Double-acting hydraulic electric pump has large volume and fast speed. Turbine vane-type oil absorption can reach the highest effective oil volume
    • Pressure safety valve overload protection device to avoid overload damage or excessive, it will automatically release pressure when it reaches 700kg/cm².
    • Oil storage capacity can be customized, oil tube joint is matched with PT3/8" thread.

    Structure Diagram of Double-Acting Hydraulic Electric Pump

    Structure Diagram of 10000 psi Hydraulic Electric Pump, 0.75/1.5/3.0kW

    Tips: Instructions for using double-acting hydraulic electric pump.

    1. Before starting, open the bleed nut and the switch on oil collecting block.
    2. Plug in power supply and connect the quick connector with the equipped hydraulic tool.
    3. Press the power switch. After motor rotates for 1-2 minutes, turn off the switch and place it in a pressurized state. At this time, the output hydraulic oil will perform various tasks. The output hydraulic oil will be self-pressurized as the load increases to perform various tasks, up to 70Mpa (10000 psi).]
    4. After the work is over, turn on the switch to unload. After the hydraulic oil returns, remove the quick connector sleeve, screw the bleed nut, and turn off the switch.


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    Brian | 1/18/2021 2:33 AM
    Use good hydraulic electric pump
    The effect of the hydraulic electric pump is very good, and there is no problem in the inspection. I tried to use it several times and the effect is very good. The oil storage capacity is large and the oil suction speed is fast. If necessary in the future, we will continue to purchase.