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    2"/ 3" Air Orbital Sander, 15000rpm

    Buy best 2"/ 3" air orbital sander with lower price. 15000rpm no load speed, selectable 2"/ 3" chassis diameter, 90 psi working pressure. Uniform grinding, perfect polishing effect. Practical air tools used for car, furniture and metal grinding, polishing, waxing and buffing.
    SKU: T-KP-6842
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    High quality pneumatic tool air polisher for sales online. Free 2 inch/ 3 inch chassis diameters. 15000rpm high rotation speed meets your different sanding, polishing and waxing requirements, for quick and accurate results.


    Model T-KP-6842
    No Load Speed 15000rpm
    Chassis Diameter Both 2 inch and 3 inch chassis are suitable and provided
    Tool Size 105*165mm
    Gas Consumption 6cfm
    Working Pressure 90 psi
    Air Inlet Size 1/4 Inch (6.35mm)
    Net Weight 0.71 kg
    Packed Weight 1.0 kg
    Package Included

    1*Air Orbital Sander

    1*2 Inch Brushed Chassis

    1*3 Inch Brushed Chassis



    Air inlet of air orbital sanderAir valve of air orbital sander

    Air orbital sander starting switch


    Tips: How to use air sanders correctly?

    1. When sanding with an air sander, choose sandpaper with different thicknesses reasonably: Sandpaper should not be too thick, and one type of sandpaper should not be used too much.
    2. When sanding, it should be sanded along the grain of the wood, never chaotically, otherwise it will tear the grain and leave lasting flaws after painting.
    3. Do not damage the corners and tips of the polished object, and gently adhere to the original round or square outline.
    4. When sanding, usually use four fingers and palms to hold the sandpaper and hold it with your thumb. When polishing objects with a larger area, you can pad the square wood strips underneath and polish along the wood grain.
    5. Because the sand grains of the sandpaper are easy to fall off, and the dust from the sanding is also easy to enter the eyes and nose, therefore, it is necessary to brush off the dust with a dry brush at any time during the sanding process until the surface of the object is smooth and lubricated.
    6. When some parts of the board are scratched by bumps, they should be heated with hot water and an electric iron first, and then sanded after restoration as much as possible. Using your thumb, index finger and middle thumb to press the sandpaper is only suitable for sanding a part. It is not suitable for sanding a large area of the workpiece, otherwise it will sand the whole surface into an uneven surface.
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