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    2" Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump, 100 GPM

    Best price industrial 2 inch air operated double diaphragm pump for sale, 2 inch fluid inlet/outlet, 1/2 inch air inlet, max. suction lift 18 ft., air consumption 32 SCFM, max. working pressure 120 PSI, stainless steel or aluminum alloy body structure material.
    SKU: T-AODD-50
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    2 inch heavy duty air operated double diaphragm pump is an air tool with high efficiency, small in size, easy to move and other good features, which can transport high temperature media up to 150 ℃. This pneumatic dual diaphragm pump is often used as a variety of filter first-level pressure device. It is as well as used for recovering and recycling of hot water, loading or unloading takers and oil depots.


    • Air operated double diaphragm pump adopts pilot operated type air valve to eliminate the air tool downtime and extend its service life. All the parts can be replaced when the liquid chamber is not opened.
    • Designed with multiport, the pneumatic dual diaphragm pump can be installed easily.
    • It structures with non-porous embedded diaphragm to improve the usage rate of diaphragm and make it more compact.
    • Air powered diaphragm pump can be used as a movable-type material transfer pump because it has such advantages as small in size, easy moving, no need base, small occupied area and easy installation.
    • AODD pump can be externally connected to electromagnetic valve for remote control. And the reversing valve requires no lubrication.


    Model T-AODD-50
    Max. Flow 100 GPM (387.5 LPM)
    Max. Working Pressure 120 PSI (0.84 Mpa)
    Fluid Inlet Size 2 inch (DN50) NPT
    Fluid Outlet Size 2 inch (DN50) NPT
    Air Inlet Size 1/2 inch NPT
    Max. Suction Lift (Dry Suction) 18 ft. (5.48m)
    Max. Permitted Grain 3/16 in. (4.8mm)
    Max. Air Consumption 32 SCFM
    Every Stroke Flow 0.5 gal. (1.9L)
    Max. Reciprocating Speed 276 cpm
    Body Structure Material Option Stainless Steel/Aluminum Alloy


    2 inch Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump 100 gpm Details 1. Discharge outlet (top cover)
    2. Sealing ball
    3. Sealing seat
    4. Air valve cover gasket
    5. Large slider aluminum piece
    6. Piston
    7. V-Ring
    8. Small slider
    9. Large slider O-ring
    10. Large slider plastic ring
    11. Sliding plate
    12. Sliding plate gasket
    13. Plug
    14. Air valve chamber cover
    15. Auxiliary shaft cover
    16. Auxiliary shaft O-ring
    17. Auxiliary shaft
    18. Pitman shaft
    19. V-Ring
    20. Piston sleeve
    21. Air valve chamber gasket
    22. Air valve chamber
    23. Muffler
    24. Pitman shaft sleeve
    25. Colum
    26. Outer clamp
    27. PTFE diaphragm
    28. Poly rubber diaphragm
    29. Inner clamp
    30. Baffle
    31. Feed inlet (bottom cover)

    Diagram of Air Consumption

    2 inch Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump 100 gpm Air Consumption

    Diagram of Fluid Flow

    2 inch Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump 100 gpm Fluid Flow

    Dimension Drawing

    Units: mm

    2 inch Stainless Steel Air Operated Diaphragm Pump 100 GPM Dimension Drawing

    Tips: Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump Troubleshooting

    The normal performance of air operated double diaphragm pump operation is no abnormal sounds. The pressure gauge and control valve work reliable. Each performance index meets the specification rated capacity or the production requirements. However, faults will still occur due to the component materials of the pneumatic diaphragm pump wear and tear or aging. Common failures are as follows:

    1. The AODD pump pressure is insufficient or elevated
      The pressure control valve on the AOD pump is improperly adjusted, you need to adjust it to proper air pressure.
      The pressure control valve fails, it is better to repair or replace it.
    2. The air powered diaphragm pump pressure drops
      Repair the oil filling valve if it provides insufficient oil.
      Insufficient feed or leakage of feed valve. Inspect the feed condition and the feed valve.
      If the air pump body leaks or the diaphragm is damaged, check for replacement of gasket or diaphragm.
    3. The pneumatic diaphragm pump has an insufficient fluid flow
      If the fluid inlet or outlet leaks, check or replace the feed valve.
      If the diaphragm is damaged, replace it.
      The speed is too low and the speed control valve fails, overhaul the control device and adjust the speed.
    4. The 2 inch air operated diaphragm pump oil leakage
      If the gasket or seal ring is loose or damaged, adjust or replace them.
    5. The AODD pump is running, but the fluid flow is small or there is no liquid coming out at all
      Observe the AOD cavitation phenomenon, reduce the speed of the pneumatic diaphragm pump to allow liquid into the chamber.
      Check if the ball valve is stuck. If the liquid is incompatible to the elastomer of the air diaphragm pump, the elastomer will expand, please change the proper elastomer.
      Check if connector of the fluid inlet completely locked, especially clamp around valve ball at the inlet end needs to be locked.
    6. If the air valve of the pneumatic diaphragm pump freezes, check whether the water content of compressed air is too high, install air drying equipment.
    7. If there are bubbles out of the fluid outlet, check if the diaphragm is broken and the clamp is locked.
    8. If the fluid is discharged from the air outlet, check if the diaphragm breaks and the diaphragm and the internal and external splint are fixed.
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    Wade | 12/3/2020 9:21 AM
    Pneumatic double diaphragm pump with many advantages
    Pneumatic double diaphragm pumps are sold in many places in the market. Why did I choose this Because it has many advantages such as small size, easy movement, no base, small footprint, and easy installation. I will choose to buy it.