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    20 Amp Battery Charger, 5/10/20A 12V, 5/10A 24V

    20 amp smart battery charger for wholesale, with output voltage DC 14.8V/29.6V, output current 5A-10A-20A (12V) or 5A-10A (24V), LCD display for lead-acid battery status, 6 protection functions, 4-step charging function and maintainer function, CE, RoHS, FCC certification.
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    5/10/20A 12V & 5/10A 24V battery charger has 0V starting function, can be used for all the lead-acid batteries, such as AGM, GEL, sealed lead acid battery, dry-charged battery and maintenance-free battery, but not for lithium battery.


    Model T-DC-200
    Shipping weight 2.3kg
    Size (L*W*H) 195*185*115mm
    Display LCD display with backlight shows battery current/ voltage/ level, battery type and recognition mode.
    Applicable battery 12VDC/24VDC lead-acid batteries, including AGM, GEL, sealed lead acid battery, dry-charged battery, maintenance-free battery.
    Note: Lithium battery is forbidden.
    Input voltage AC 110V~220V ± 20V
    Input frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Output voltage DC 14.8V/29.6V ± 0.3V
    Output current 5A-10A-20A (12V), 5A-10A (24V)
    Note: Current can be manually selected or automatically charged at the default current value.
    Peak power 300W
    Types of power plug * US, EU, UK, Germany, Australia, Japan, South Africa, Brazil, or other customized plugs.
    Input cable length 133cm
    Output cable length 75cm
    Transformer coil material Pure copper
    Shell material Aluminium alloy
    Charging function 0V starting.
    Constant current mode, constant voltage mode, floating charge mode and full charging stop mode.
    Protection function Overcharge protection, low voltage protection, overvoltage protection, reverse connection protection, short circuit protection, high-temperature protection.
    Maintainer function Apply for the batteries idled for a long time, batteries with poor starting ability and old batteries.
    Note: It can't repair short-circuit batteries and open-circuit batteries. It also can't repair a battery back to 100% new.
    Certification CE, RoHS, FCC

    Charging time table:
    There are 3 optional charging currents for choosing: 5A/10A/20A.

    Battery capacity Charging time
    5A 10A 20A
    20Ah 3h~5h 2h~3h 1h~2h
    36Ah 6h~8h 4h~5h 2h~3h
    60Ah 8h~10h 6h~7h 3h~4h
    80Ah 12h~15h 8h~9h 4h~5h
    100Ah 18h~20h 10h~11h 6h~8h
    160Ah ≥22h 13h~15h 8h~12h
    200Ah ≥22h ≥18h ≥14h

    Note: The above data is the actual reference charging time for battery under the normal state. For the vulcanized battery with large internal resistance, the charging time is not as the reference standard.

    Tips: Notices for battery charging

    1. When charging the automotive battery, it's best to remove the battery from the vehicle frame, and keep it away from heat and fire. Because it is easy to produce flammable and explosive gas during the battery charging process. If there is any careless operation, it is easy to cause an explosion occurred.
    2. The battery level should be checked for the water battery, because supplementing the electricity can easily damage the water battery, when the battery liquid level is too low. In addition, the six covers of the water battery must be removed during the charging process, which is good to the exhaust of the battery.
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    Peter | 11/18/2020 3:36 AM
    How to use the charger?
    When the charger is plugged into the power source for the first time, will it start charging immediately, or do I need to press a button to start charging?
    A manager responded to this review
    Hello, I am glad you have questions about our products. First, you need to turn on the charger. Next, you must select the battery type and charging rate, and then press the button to turn it on. Just two simple steps, you can use the charger.