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    8 Amp Battery Charger/Maintainer for SLA/18650, 12V/24V

    8 amp battery charger with input voltage AC 100V~240V and output voltage DC 12V/12.6V/24V/29.4V, best for 2~150Ah lead-acid batteries and car lithium batteries. Battery charger/maintainer features pulse charging and devulcanization repair function, discharge function and summer/winter mode.
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    8 amp smart battery charger/maintainer applys to both lead-acid battery and lithium battery. It has aluminum alloy shell, pure copper alligator clips and optional power plug. LCD display can show real-time voltage, real-time current, charging voltage, charging current, charging capacity, battery type (SAL/Li-ion), summer/winter mode and maintaining mode.


    Model T-HLA150XX
    Shipping weight 0.25kg
    Size (L*W*H) 185*75*60mm
    Color * White & Black, Black
    Display LCD display with backlight shows battery current/ voltage/ level and battery type.
    Applicable battery 2~150Ah 12VDC/24VDC lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries, including SLA, VRAL, AGM, GEL, 18650, etc.
    Input voltage AC 100V~240V
    Input frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Max. input current 2.0A
    Output voltage DC 12V/12.6V/24V/29.4V
    Output current SLA: 2A-4A-8A (12V), 2A-4A (24V)
    Li-ion: 2A-4A-8A (12.6V), 2A-4A (29.4V)
    Types of power plug * US, EU, UK, Germany, Australia, Japan, South Africa, Brazil, or other customized plugs.
    Shell material Aluminum alloy
    Charging function Pulse charging and devulcanization repair function
    Protection function Overcharge protection, low voltage protection, overvoltage protection, reverse connection protection, short circuit protection.
    Summer mode/ Winter mode.
    Discharge function for battery test.
    Maintainer function Apply for the batteries idled for a long time, batteries with poor starting ability and old batteries.
    Note: It can't repair short-circuit batteries and open-circuit batteries. It also can't repair a battery back to 100% new.
    Certification FCC, CE, RoHS

    Tips: How to maintain the car battery at ordinary times?

    1. Do not start the vehicle frequently.
      Many car owners will encounter the problem that the car is difficult to start in winter. Because it is difficult to start, they unconsciously start car frequently. But it's wrong operation. The correct approach should be:
      • Do not exceed 3 seconds each time when starting the engine.
      • If the first startup fails, do not rush to restart repeatedly. According to the working principle of the car, continuous starting motor at this time will definitely cause the battery to be over-discharged and damaged.
      • The time between re-starting should exceed 5 seconds.
    2. Foresee the precursor of the battery "strike".
      When some batteries become old, the internal resistance will become very large. There will be a phenomenon that the battery will be full once begin to charge and no electricity once begin to discharge. The car owner should check the battery for routine maintenance when the battery is used for about two and a half years, which can play a preventive role.
    3. Forgetting to turn off the top light in the car when parking and turning off the car, this is a small mistake that many new car owners make.
      After the battery is consumed overnight, it may be out of power at any time and the car cannot be started. In this case, if you have already purchased a battery charger, you can try to use it to charge your car battery. If the battery still doesn't work, the battery may need to be replaced.
    4. Try not to use electrical equipment such as CDs and cigarette lighters when the vehicle is not started, and use less car electric appliances when driving.
    5. Use a battery tester to test the battery status regularly. If the battery level is low, pay attention to the hours of use.
    6. Turn off the air conditioner before turning off the car.
      Most car owners are accustomed to not turning off the air conditioner, or letting the air conditioner start automatically after the vehicle starts. This will cause the air conditioning system to automatically start working every time the vehicle's ignition is turned on. The consequence is directly resulting in the instantaneous load of the vehicle become too high, it will cause battery damage over time.
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    Griffin | 3/22/2021 3:17 AM
    8 amp battery charger works well
    I use this 12V/24V 8Amp battery charger to charge my car on weekends. Its LCD display can display real-time voltage, real-time current, and charging voltage, so you don't have to be around and watch how much you have charged, which is very convenient.