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    30 Ton Hydraulic Bottle Jack, Low Profile

    Hydraulic bottle jack with maximum capacity 30 ton (66000 lb) ideal for lifting heavy duty trucks, buses, engineering vehicles and then replacing tire, 2 optional lift height 140mm/110mm. 30 ton low profile bottle jack features a lifting handle, lift range 240mm~430mm, adjustabel height 80mm and lift height 110mm.
    SKU: T-HBJ-30T
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    30 ton hydraulic bottle jack, solid steel structure, optional lift height 140mm/110mm, CE/ GS/ TUV certification.


    Model T-HBJ-E0530-1 T-HBJ-E1030S
    Weight 16.5kg 14.5kg
    Maximum capacity 30 ton 30 ton
    Number of ram Single Single
    Minimum height 245mm 240mm
    Maximum height 480mm 430mm
    Adjustable height 95mm 80mm
    Lift height * 140mm 110mm
    Material Steel Steel
    Certification CE, GS, TUV CE, GS, TUV
    Packing included 1 * bottle jack
    2 * safety bar
    1 * tool box
    1 * bottle jack
    2 * safety bar
    1 * tool box

    Tips: Bottle jack maintenance

    1. Refuel/change hydraulic oil.
    2. Keep the bottle jack in a vertical situation, and lower the pump core and piston to the lowest point.
    3. Remove the rubber oil plug on the bottle jack shell, and inject the cleaned hydraulic oil to the piston port.
    4. Use N15 machine oil when used in the temperature range of 5~45℃, and use synthetic spindle oil when used in the temperature range of -5~+29℃.
    5. Regularly check and lubricate the connection of the transfer bar. If not in use, the piston rod, adjustment screw and pump core should be pressed down to keep it clean and prevent rust.
    6. Try to avoid placing it in a humid environment or a place with acid, alkali and corrosive gas.
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